We will overcome a cold.

We will overcome a cold.

We will overcome a cold. People have always suffered from a cold. But in the old days they managed to defeat him without a pharmacy. Why not use their experience today:

• In cold boiled water dilute the mummy to the consistency of black coffee. Wrap two matches with cotton wool, dip the mummy in the solution and insert it into both nostrils, throwing back his head. Lie in this state for 15 minutes. Repeat for the day 3 times.

• Chop garlic cloves along and insert both halves into two nostrils.

• At night to the soles of the feet apply a cloth moistened in kerosene and wrung out.
Top with woolen socks.

• Put mustard plasters on the heels, bandage the flannel, and wear socks on top.
Hold on longer. After an hour or two, remove everything and quickly walk around the room.

• At night lubricate the heels with iodine, wear warm socks.

• Flush the nose with mint leaves.

• Inhale through the nose snuff, powder oregano, cinnamon powder, or the smell of rose hips.

• Bury in the nose the juice of aloe or calanchoe on 4 drops in each nostril 5 times in
day; or beet juice 5 drops 4 times a day.

• Do inhalations with sea buckthorn or eucalyptus oil.

• Fumigation with flaxseed and flaxseed helps with a cold, needs to be inhaled
smoke from smoldering flax or flaxseed.

Shield from ailments.

Spongy autumn and icy winter threaten us with the flu. People buy every year in pharmacies expensive means to protect themselves from a harmful virus. But we are saved from flu by domestic means, and very successfully.

One of the most effective means is the prevention of influenza with the help of black pepper. During lunch, you must take a pea pepper. Crush it. Put in the mouth. Hold a little. Then swallow with soup or liquid.

Children under 15 years — one pea, adults — three. And so do within 5 days.
And with a cold it is useful to snuff snuff deeper. That he passed through the nasopharynx into his mouth. A few days later the cold stops.

From cough — honey mustard plaster.

Together with the colds, colds often come to visit us.
And not to roll in bed, tearing his own throat deafened,
I can advise a good method.
It uses everything only natural and useful for any organism.

So, in order to get rid of the cough as quickly as possible, I use this method. I’m preparing a sweet mustard plaster, or rather a honey cake. The recipe is absolutely not complicated. It is necessary to mix equally honey, vegetable oil and flour. Mix everything. Get the dough. From it you need to form a cake.

This cake should be put on gauze. Apply on the chest area. On top — a piece of polyethylene and a layer of cotton wool. All this is fixed, like a compress. I do this as soon as a cough begins. Usually before bed, for two hours. As a rule, the cough passes, not having time to start properly.


We will overcome a cold.

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