When back pain.

Severe joint pain. When back pain.

15 years ago, doctors diagnosed me «osteochondrosis sheynogrudnogo spine».

Very sick back, neck creak. Pills and injections only temporarily relieve the pain, and I decided to take myself my health and to be treated without chemicals. When back pain.
Fortunately, a friend advised me to one folk remedy for osteoarthritis.

It is necessary to dig up the roots of burdock in the autumn, in September, it is possible and in the spring — in May. Roots wash, clear of films and mince.
The resulting mass is put in a quart jar and pour vodka up to the top (root should be half of the banks). Bank to close tightly and put on a week in a dark place.

This tincture I was treated — compresses the spine: it is necessary to wet a cloth in the tincture, put it on the sore spot, put plastic wrap and tie tightly with a towel and a warm scarf. Make compresses on the night. It should be treated until after the pain — 6-8 times. Pain in the neck and spine are long.

Ghonim pain.

There is a good remedy for arthritis and osteoarthritis. To fill a half-liter jar buds dandelion, pour a «triple» cologne, leave for 3 months. This is an excellent tool for grinding of joints.

• A genuine way to get rid of sciatica is as follows: take 4 sheets of thick white paper and attach them to the screen working TV. After 5 minutes, remove. Under the action of static electricity, they will stick tightly to each other. Charged sheets attach to the sore spot on his back. After the first session, a sharp pain becomes dull. Typically, curing occurs after three sessions.


When back pain.

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