Wound care.

Carrot oil for wound healing.

Wound care.

Over the years I suffer from diabetes.
With the disease itself has already reconciled, but I can not get used to some of its manifestations.

And first of all it concerns the long and difficult healing of any small wounds and sores. And this is a serious problem for those who like to work at the dacha — you know, you’ll scratch your hand, but you’ll cut your leg.

On neighbors, such small things heal instantly, and my smallest wound could be a week, and a month can not heal, fester. And with such a foul, especially in your arms, you normally will not work.

So I was tortured for several years, until a new neighbor in the country gave me a way out. They bought a plot a year and a half ago, she almost immediately went into something, got to know each other, talked-and, as usual, immediately about the sores. A neighbor told me about the prescription, but I was at first suspicious — a person unfamiliar.
But then, at the first abscess, I remembered, to lose something, it would not be worse all the same.

Yes, and for the preparation of drugs only to go to the garden, pick up the carrot.
Prepare carrot oil. To do this, a glass of grated carrots should be placed in a pan with a lid, pour over with vegetable oil. Then put the pan on a boiling water bath — another pan with boiling water. It should be heated for about 15 minutes, before boiling, then cool at room temperature and squeeze through two layers of gauze. The oil is ready. Take it necessary and externally, lubricate the sick places, and inside, drink a teaspoon 4 times a day, holding in your mouth for three minutes.

Carrots are stored in the refrigerator. The benefits of it are enormous. Rankes and sores are drawn like by magic, no festering, no torment. Even surprising. Maybe someone else will use this method.


Wound care.


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