Wrinkle Masks.

Wrinkle Masks.

Recipes for homemade facial masks for wrinkles.

Facial skin is the most sensitive compared to other parts of the body. In addition, it is most exposed to street temperature extremes. Wrinkles appear under the influence of factors that contribute to this. One of them is atmospheric phenomena and facial movements of muscles. With age and under the influence of wind, frost and the sun, there is a loss of moisture and a decrease in the level of collagen in the tissues of the epidermis, which are responsible for the condition of the skin. Therefore, their number must be tried to be kept in it as long as possible and nourished in a timely manner.

The wrinkles are most pronounced:
Around eyes;
In the nasolabial folds;
On the forehead.

The skin type in these areas varies in structure. The most delicate skin is located in the eyes and eyelids, so face masks differ in their composition. Do not forget about this, choosing a wrinkle remedy for the rejuvenation procedure.
At home, you can rejuvenate the skin no worse than after visiting a beautician.

Wrinkle mask around the eyes.

Using the recipe for this mask from wrinkles, you will see how the delicate skin around the eyes is smoothed out, and the upper eyelids are noticeably tightened and will not hang over the eyelashes.

protein from 1 chicken egg;
three-year-old aloe juice from one lower leaf;
1 tsp. sour cream and honey.

First, the protein is separated from the yolk and thoroughly mixed with honey. Then add aloe juice from the leaf. If you do not have aloe, then its extracts can be purchased at the pharmacy. When adding a pharmacy, you will need to pour only ½ teaspoon into the mixture. We add the latest sour cream so that the mask from wrinkles around the eyes has a stronger effect due to the action of sour-milk components.

Apply the composition gently with a cotton swab. Avoid contact with eyes. You can get wet cotton or flannel fabric with cutouts. Squeeze the mixture a little and lay it on closed eyelids. The action of the beneficial substances of the mask against wrinkles should last at least 20 minutes. Then it is washed off with cool water without soap. In the end, they make eyelid massage, conducting a piece of ice from a decoction of chamomile on their surface. The remains of the mask can be applied to the neckline and neck. In order to tighten and refresh the skin color in this area.

Wrinkle mask under the eyes.

The effect of this composition is based on the content of vitamin E in a light form for its penetration into the skin. This mask from wrinkles under the eyes will help to cope even with their strong appearances in the form of “crow’s feet” under the lower eyelid.

1 tsp oils from olives (sea buckthorn, almond, sunflower or other);
1 chicken yolk;
3 tbsp. l grated raw potatoes.

You can add ingredients to the wrinkle mask under the eyes all at once. Mixing thoroughly. Apply forever. Cover on top with a cotton cloth for 20–25 minutes. Then rinse your face with cool water without soap. Gently pat off the remaining fat with a sponge. Apply the mask to tighten the skin of the lower eyelid and with swelling of the eyes and wrinkles under them, it is necessary at least 2 times a week.

Wrinkle Masks.

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