Yarrow face masks.

Yarrow face masks.

Natural compounds perfectly cope with the basic problems of all types of epidermis. Facial care, thanks to herbal recipes, saturates the tissues with useful substances, prevents dryness and peeling. To cleanse problem skin, restore relief and reduce secretion, it is worthwhile to regularly use natural components. We advise you to try an effective remedy for acne and acne — regecin.

Wrinkle mask

As a result: it is possible to restore firmness and elasticity, to saturate the skin with vitamins and acids thanks to the home procedure. Wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes soft, velvety.
a teaspoon of yarrow juice;
10 ml cream.
Production and application method: mix milk cream thoroughly with banana puree and healing juice. Steam the covers with a warm compress, distribute the composition with a spatula. After half an hour, carefully remove the residues, repeat the procedure twice a week.

Acne mask

Bottom line: effectively apply yarrow oil to treat acne and acne. The sebaceous ducts are deeply cleaned and narrowed, the color is restored, redness passes, and thanks to antiseptic properties, it prevents the spread of infection.
5 drops of yarrow essential oil;
10 gr. rice flour;
5 gr. plantain herbs.
Production and method of application: grind rice with plantain leaves on a coffee grinder, dilute the mixture with green tea, introduce ether drops. Remove makeup from the face, spread the mass in a thin layer. Fifteen / twenty minutes later, you can wash yourself.

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Anti-aging mask

As a result: restores turgor, reduces flabbiness, removes excess moisture, normalizes oxygen respiration an effective procedure. For a lasting result, hold five / six masks.
40 ml of yarrow decoction;
10 ml of sunflower oil;
10 gr. gelatin.
Production and method of application: pour collagen crystals with hot broth, add unrefined oil to the swollen viscous mass. Peel the covers from cosmetics and steam them, distribute with a brush, after processing the eyelids, eyebrows and nasolabial triangle with a nourishing emulsion. After resting for half an hour, remove the formed film.

Cleansing mask

As a result: for normal skin it is worth using an herbal mask to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. The composition removes dead skin epidermis, removes decay products, whitens the integument.
5 ml of yarrow juice;
5 ml of aloe juice;
10 gr. pea flour.
Production and method of application: squeeze juice from plants through a press, add to bean flour, dilute with mineral water. Spread the pasty mass on the oval in a circular motion. After seven / eight minutes you can wash yourself.

Yarrow and camomile mask

In the end: caring for sensitive skin allows you to cleanse the epidermis, soothe inflammation and irritation.
5 gr. yarrow;
5 gr. daisies;
5 ml of wheat oil.
Production and method of application: grind dry herbs to a powder, introduce moisturizing oil. Moisten the face well and only after distribute the composition. After fifteen minutes, wash, cosmetic procedures once a week.

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Yarrow face masks.

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