Youth complex.

Youth complex.

The yeast complex of youth will rejuvenate by 9-10 years. Yeast anti-wrinkle masks are cheap, simple, affordable and great after application! Yeast is a unique product that is used in anti-wrinkle masks to nourish the skin.

Yeast face mask

Back in the 14th century, Queen Nefertiti used a similar mask for rejuvenation; it included yeast as the most active ingredient, and also contained water and olive oil. We have a different, improved recipe.

The yeast face mask is simply created in order to carry out a course of rejuvenation. You can do it 1 time and immediately feel the effect, but it is best to continue making the mask for 2 weeks, every day. Salon procedures are relaxing!

If you tackle the matter responsibly, you can get breathtaking results from using a mask. Wrinkles … Where did they go?

Yeast mask ingredients

2 tsp live yeast
6 tsp warm milk
1 tsp honey
3 tsp starch
a few drops of oily vitamin E
a few drops of oily vitamin A

For this effective mask, you need to take exclusively live yeast, dry yeast will not work: the mask will lose its wonderful properties. Oily vitamins A and E can be added as desired. Even without them, the mask works great.

Of course, vitamins enrich the skin with useful substances, but if they are not at hand, do not be upset and still make a mask. The effect of the application is superior to many cosmetics.

Applying a yeast mask

Pour in 2 tsp. live yeast with warm milk and let the mixture stand for 20 minutes. This will create a liquid mask base. yeast mask

2. We take 8 tsp. liquid base and add 1 tsp to it. honey. Please note: if you are allergic to honey and other bee products, honey can easily be replaced with 1 tsp. yogurt mixed with a pinch of bran.

3. Add 3 tsp to the mixture. ordinary potato starch, mix everything well. The mask should resemble melted condensed milk in consistency. We also add oil vitamins A and E. The base is ready.

4. Depending on the skin type, the mask base needs to be supplemented with certain ingredients for greater effectiveness. If you have dry skin, add a little butter, 2 tsp. will be sufficient. If the skin is combination, add 2 tsp. freshly squeezed carrot juice. If the skin is oily, it will be helpful to add 2 tsp. fresh potato juice.

5. Gently dip the brush into the mask and apply it to the skin, as if painting with this substance on the face. You do not need to apply the mask to the areas around the eyes and around the mouth. Several coats of yeast mask should be applied. We apply one layer, it dries up in just a minute, then we repeat the procedure several more times, up to 5 layers.

You can also apply the mask to the neck and décolleté area: skin care in these areas is especially important.

6. Keep the mask for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. The yeast rejuvenation course includes 15 procedures that should be done every day. In 2 weeks you will rejoice: the skin will become rejuvenated, the face will acquire a delightful glow and a firmer oval.

Active ingredients of the yeast mask

1. Yeast. They contain amino acids that will help the skin to become elastic and nasty, smooth out wrinkles. Also, yeast will remove toxins from the pores of the skin, remove dead cells.

2. Honey. Honey is an active enzyme that will cleanse the skin and improve blood circulation in the skin.

3. Vitamins A and E. Oil vitamins will enhance collagen production, help avoid skin thinning, and remove inflammation.

What to do if you notice premature wrinkles on your face? Best of all helps, of course, the beauty ritual. When you take care of yourself, you begin to value yourself more, love and respect yourself. Thanks to this, you flourish, and things start to go well!

Youth complex.






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