Lose weight easily and simply.

Lose weight easily and simply.

It’s not much that you can independently develop a weight loss strategy, which is obviously why diets in which everything is thought out are very popular.

We want to talk about one of these diets. It is designed for a month, during which it is enough for you to follow the proposed nutrition plan, which will get rid of 5-7 kg.

Throughout the month, you will need to accurately plan the time for eating, and also strictly adhere to the specified set and quantity of products.

It is especially pedantic to treat breakfast — it should always be at the same time. With other meals you can do more freely, writing them in your usual daily routine.

The principle of compiling a daily menu during this diet is as follows: the daily calorie content of dishes is not higher than 1600 calories, of which carbohydrates are 50-60%, and fats are 20-30%. The following menu will allow you to achieve this amount and calorie ratio:

BREAKFAST (optional)

Bread toast with bran, baked tomato, 1 tbsp. a spoon of cottage cheese.

30 g of oatmeal with milk.

Sandwich of two slices of bread from wholemeal, banana, 1 tsp. Spoons of honey and 1 tbsp. tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Toast from bran bread, soft-boiled egg and half a glass of orange juice.

LUNCH (optional)

A portion of vegetable salad; a sandwich of bran bread with 50 g of cold chicken or 25 g of grated cheese and 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dietary mayonnaise (or 75 g of cottage cheese with green onions); apple or orange.

Portion of vegetable salad, 200 g of jacket-boiled potato; 125 g of diet yogurt or 125 g of boiled beans or 25 g of grated cheese.

DINNER (optional)

A portion of vegetable salad, 85 g of baked fish, a small potato, baked in its uniform.

A portion of vegetable salad, 150 g of chicken or turkey meat, a small jacket potato.

75 g spaghetti seasoned with canned tomato and shrimp sauce or
finely chopped low-fat ham with natural yogurt sauce.

Lose weight easily and simply.

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