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Headache relief.

Headache relief: How to cope with it.

Headache relief. Possible reasons.

The cause of headaches can be hypertension, hypotension, vascular eg violation, increased intracranial pressure with an excess amount of accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the cranial cavity, inflammation sinuses, atherosclerosis, anemia, allergies, chronic kidney disease, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Headache relief. Possible reasons.

Also, fatigue, dehydration, emotional stress and prolonged static postures that lead to a spasm of the muscles of the head, eyes or neck.

How to understand what is happening to you?

After all, we have no time to sit for hours in queues, making costly analyzes and studies. Well, try to determine the cause of the verified «home» means, as well as medical treatment without the use of chemicals, which one treats and the other cripples.

You do not have the device for measuring the pressure? It’s not the biggest problem, though it would be better to buy, good it is inexpensive. However, be aware that high blood pressure (hypertension) in addition to a pressing headache is accompanied by a very characteristic feature: swollen and reddened vial whites of the eyes. Often the two are joining these symptoms nausea (up to vomiting), irritability, difficulty falling asleep (despite the fact that chronic lack of sleep and can lead to high blood pressure).

Headache relief.

What to do: quickly and effectively reduce the pressure green tea foot bath of uliginose, hawthorn (you can buy dry and brewed as a tea, or you can purchase alcohol tincture and take the rate of 10-20 drops to half a glass of water). But most importantly — to limit sweets and salt, the latter
allow yourself to no more than half a teaspoon per day (ideally in advanced hypertension and no more than one-third teaspoon without slides).

Remember, excess salt — a real poison for you!
And should say goodbye to smoking, otherwise you will not be parted with hypertension is so easy and serious health problems you provided as heart disease and atherosclerosis is always accompanied by a running hypertension. And if we continue in the same spirit (that is, not to pay attention to their health), may even be a heart attack, and stroke.


Headache relief.


Low blood pressure (hypotension) other than nagging headache is always accompanied by lethargy, drowsiness, eyes often look sunken, pale face.

What to do: it is best to drink a cup of hot coffee, cocoa, black tea. You will be surprised how much you feel better after so uncomplicated drugs!
If low blood pressure bother you on a regular basis, it is useful to take a course receiving levzei carthamoides.

This plant has a remarkable regulating the property in the case of low pressure it brings it back to normal, in the case of high blood pressure, on the contrary, it decreases. In addition, you will feel much calmer and cheerfully as Leuzea refers to adaptogenes and «teach» the body to respond optimally to the physical and mental stress. Receiving start with 3 drops to half a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, bring to 20 drops, adding 1 drop every day. Then, in the same dosage gradually diminish.


Headache relief.

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