Alternative methods for melanoma.

Alternative methods for melanoma.

Traditional medicine offers a range of effective remedies to help you quickly fight skin or eye melanoma.

Green tea

The drink, known for its antioxidant effect, is beneficial for eye melanoma as often as possible. If the disease affects the skin, lotions can be performed.


Two grams of mummy are diluted in 500 ml of grape juice. Simmer in a water bath until the temperature of the composition reaches seventy degrees. Every day, on an empty stomach, use 50 ml of solution, continuing therapy for ten days.

Turmeric powder

Reception is recommended when using tincture of aconite. You can buy it at the store or make your own folk remedy by grinding the root on a coffee grinder. The powder is taken for a long time — a teaspoon is diluted in a glass of milk whey. Repeat the treatment three times a day.

Alternative methods for melanoma.

Sprouted wheat

After removal of melanoma at home, prophylaxis is performed using wheat germ. Grains are taken, laid out on wet gauze, covered with another layer of wet gauze on top. Wait three days and cut off the shoots. A handful is placed in a cup of whey and boiled for a couple of minutes. Drink after cooling. Repeat every day for three to four months.

Anti-cancer cocktail

Proponents of non-traditional treatment recommend taking a cocktail of fig fruits (crushed), instant coffee and carrot juice every day until the cure.


In the early stages of the disease, one gram of baking soda powder per day is indicated. Drink with plenty of clean liquid.

Corrosive sublimate

Sublimate is diluted at a concentration of 1: 1000, and then diluted with water four times more. Take a teaspoon three times on the first day. On the second day, they drink a dessert spoon, on the third — in the dining room, leaving this dosage until the end of treatment. The course is ten days. After a ten-day break, therapy is resumed.

Fraction ASD

This method of treatment can help even at an advanced stage of melanoma. 120 drops of ASD-2 fraction are added to 150 ml of water. Divide the volume into two doses, take in the morning and evening. The course is eighteen months.

Another way to use the second fraction is lotions. Prepare a 20% solution and moisten gauze in it. Apply to the tumor, leaving for a day. Change the compress. Treatment is carried out before improvement occurs.

Alternative methods for melanoma.

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