Anemia, or anemia, is a disease characterized by a decrease in the hemoglobin content in the blood.
Anemia can be acquired and hereditary.

The disease occurs as a result of blood loss, with accelerated destruction of red blood cells and a weakened inadequate bone marrow function.

The appearance of anemia with some infectious diseases and worms is possible. Iron deficiency anemia is more common than others.

Symptoms of anemia.

Pale complexion, lips, gums, sunken cheeks, blue circles clearly appear under the eyes, frequent chills, malaise, lethargy, increased fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, palpitations and shortness of breath, fainting, convulsions.

Folk remedies for the treatment.

Pine pollen, pine pollen tincture, green pine cone tincture, a recipe for prolonging youth with premature aging and treatment of anemia, folk remedy:

Prescription of treatment: For prolongation of youth and prevention of old age, with anemia and anemia, pine pollen or its tincture gives an excellent effect. Drink pollen 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day with 1 teaspoon of honey half an hour before meals.

Every day in the morning on an empty stomach, eat 100 g of carrots with sour cream or vegetable oil.

Anemia, garlic tincture treatment — folk remedy recipe: Peel and wash 300 g of garlic, pour it with 1 liter of pure alcohol and leave for 3 weeks. Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day with milk if desired;

Folk remedy for anemia, garlic with honey: Boil the garlic with honey. Take 1 tablespoon before bed;

Treatment of anemia with onion tincture, folk remedy: Mix 300 g of the white part of leeks, pounded into gruel, 600 ml of dry white wine, 100 g of honey, insist in a cool dark place for 10 days, occasionally shaking the contents, drain. Take in the prevention and treatment of anemia, 2 tablespoons 30-40 minutes after meals;

Healing mixture: Take 200 g of cocoa, lard lard, honey and single butter and, stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a boil and dissolve completely over low heat. Then remove from heat and, letting cool, pour into a glass jar.

Store in a cool, dark place. For consumption, stir 1 teaspoon of the mixture in 1 glass of hot milk and take 3-4 times a day.

This folk remedy helps well at the onset of the disease. If the remedy causes constipation, you must consume a large amount of prunes or other fruits and juices;

Tasty treatment for anemia, folk remedy: Mix 400 g of interior lard and 6 large green apples (after crumbling them) and heat the mixture in the oven over low heat, making sure not to burn.

Then grind 12 egg whites to white with 1 cup of sugar, pour into the melted mixture, add 400 g of chopped chocolate and cool. Spread the mixture on bread and consume 3-4 times a day with hot milk;

Alternative treatment with tincture of walnuts: Grind 1 glass of unripe walnuts in a meat grinder, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, leave for 10 days in a warm dark place, strain. Pour 1 cup of heated honey into the strained tincture. To stir thoroughly.
Keep refrigerated. Take 1 tablespoon in the morning and evening for the treatment of anemia;

Treatment of anemia with yarrow infusion: Pour 60 g of yarrow herb with 1 cup boiling water, leave for 1 hour, cool and drain. Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day;

Drink before meals 2 tablespoons of 20% tincture of herbs and yarrow flowers on vodka, diluted with water;

Tincture of cinchona peel: Insist cinchona peel on vodka and drink a glass before dinner for anemia (only for adults!);

Infusion of clover: Pour 10 g of flower heads of meadow clover (red) with 1 glass of boiling water. Insist 45 minutes, drain. For the treatment of anemia, take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day;

Folk remedy for anemia, wormwood tincture: Fill a liter bottle with wormwood grass (collect wormwood only in May), pour vodka. Insist 21 days in a warm, dark place.

Take: a drop of infusion per 1 thimble of water. Drink on an empty stomach 1 time per day in the morning. Take the medicine for 3 consecutive weeks. Then take a two-week break and repeat the course.


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