Charges from endometriosis.

Charges from endometriosis.

1. Combine 50 g of sage leaves, corn stigmas and white mistletoe, add 30 g of immortelle. To 400 ml of water add a couple of tablespoons of raw materials and send to the fire. 10 minutes after boiling, set aside and allow to cool. Take 180 ml twice.

2. Combine the shepherd’s bags and the serpentine root in one part of the grass, two in the goose root, knotweed, nettle leaves and calamus rhizomes. A few large spoons are taken. Boil in 450 ml of water for seven minutes. Allow to stand for an hour and a half under the lid. Use ½ cup three times after meals. The composition is effective in the treatment of retrocervical endometriosis.

3. To treat the body of the uterus, a decoction is prepared from a couple of tablespoons of yarrow grass, chamomile flowers and blood-red hawthorn. Pour 2.5 cups of water and simmer for ten minutes over low heat after boiling. Set aside for twelve hours. Use three times before meals, 100 ml.

4. Take 10 g of grushanka, tatarnik, echinacea, and uterus. Fifteen grams are crushed and separated. Pour half a liter of liquid and simmer over low heat for fifteen minutes after boiling. Drink warm up to four times a day for half a glass. The composition has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Charges from endometriosis.


Douching with phyto-compounds is recommended every two days. The course is up to fifteen procedures.
Regular procedures lead to leaching of normal microflora from the vagina.

1. To half a liter of boiling liquid add 40 g of crushed star anise. They stand for a quarter of an hour in a water bath and filter. Before use, dilute with 100 ml of water. Use for douching before bedtime.

2. A teaspoon of celandine in 0.2 l of water is boiled for fifteen minutes. After filtration, add a similar amount of water. The procedure is performed up to two times a day.
Using a prescription can result in a severe burning sensation.

3. Forty grams of eucalyptus leaves are poured with two cups of boiling water. In a water bath they languish for a quarter of an hour. After filtering, dilute with water in a ratio of one to four. Douched by the composition up to two times a day.

4. Prepare a collection of: the roots of frankincense, eucalyptus, dried cinnamon, white mistletoe, celandine, yarrow, oak bark, nettle, peony, bedstraw. Components are taken in equal volume. 30 g of the mixture are steamed with half a liter of boiling water for 120 minutes. After straining, they are used for douching, repeating the procedure at least three times a day.

5. Connect 1 tbsp. l celandine and three times more kirkazona. In a liter of boiling water, they stand for a short time and squeeze. Douching before bedtime.

6. Two small spoons of the uterine uterus are poured into 450 ml of boiling water and left to cool. Filter. Apply for douching in the evenings, continuing treatment for a couple of months.

7. In the fight against the genital type of the disease, douching with calendula infusion helps. Prepare it like this: take two tbsp. Of boiling water for 1 tbsp. l raw materials and kept under a towel for an hour. They are doused with a filtered product twice — in the morning and in the evening.

8. Prepare a collection of calendula, yarrow and peony taken in equal proportions. A teaspoon of the collection is steamed with a glass of boiling water for one hour. After pressing, use twice a day (morning and evening) for douching.

9. 30 g of hemlock is added to 250 ml of boiling water. After 1 hour, filter. Perform the procedure in the evening.

10. Ten drops of hydrogen peroxide are dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water. Used for irrigation of the vagina twice a day.

Charges from endometriosis.

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