Infusions from fibroids.

Infusions from fibroids.

Herbal treatment of fibroids is especially recommended by representatives of traditional medicine. According to them, many antitumor and uterine herbs are able to quickly and effectively influence the pathological processes that occur in the organ. Treatment can last from several weeks to months.

Mono Infusions

1. If a benign formation is accompanied by the presence of a cyst, prepare an infusion of burdock roots. It takes only five grams of raw material per couple mugs of boiled moisture. In a thermos or under a lid in an enameled container, they stand for twelve hours. They drink one hundred milliliters four times a day for a month. Ten days later, treatment is resumed.

2. If a uterine tumor is diagnosed with menopause, instead of tea, it is indicated to use an infusion of flowers and leaves of strawberries. A glass of boiling water accounts for a handful of raw materials. Insist under a towel for about a quarter of an hour and drink, sweetened with honey.

3. A decoction of the color of potatoes can be useful for myoma of the colon and uterus. Flowers are picked in the morning, dried and crushed. Take two small spoons, steamed with 1.5 cups of hot moisture for a couple of hours. Filter and take half a glass three times, without stopping treatment for thirty-two days.
The infusion is harmful to people with diabetes and gastritis. Abuse can cause stomach dysfunction.

Infusions from fibroids.

4. A teaspoon of dried peony root dodging for half an hour is poured with two cups of hot liquid. Drink after filtering half a glass three times on an empty stomach.
Sometimes an infusion of peony evading causes nausea and abdominal pain.

5. Ten grams of marshmallow dried in a glass of boiled liquid insist about four hours. Then they spin and start taking — two glasses three times on an empty stomach.
A folk remedy is contraindicated with low blood pressure.

6. At home, add a couple of large spoons of incense root to a mug of boiling water. Four hours later, filtered. Take the composition three times a day for a glass on an empty stomach.

7. Dried carrot tops in the amount of two handfuls are poured with a liter of boiling water and left for half an hour under the lid. A strained product is used for bleeding caused by two glasses every hour.

8. With heavy bleeding, use infusion of pomegranate bark. A large pinch of crushed raw materials is steamed with boiling water in an amount of three hundred milliliters and ten minutes is kept in a water bath, stirring constantly. Cool to room temperature and filter. They drink several large spoons three times at twenty-four hours, diluting with a glass of clean liquid. The same infusion is used for douching.
Not recommended for people with problems in the liver and kidneys.

9. Two large pinches of grass in a shepherd’s bag are poured with boiling water (about 0.35 ml is required). Warm up in a steam bath for several minutes. Take the infusion in strained form after cooling one hundred and twenty milliliters per day.

10. Take a pinch of tatarnik. Steamed in a mug of hot liquid for two hours. After filtering and diluting with 0.2 l of pure boiled water and divide the volume into four doses. Drink on an empty stomach twice a day. Ready-made folk remedy should be in the refrigerator. Use a prescription to reduce the size of the tumor.
Taking tartar infusion instantly increases blood pressure, so treatment is prohibited for hypertension.

11. A handful of crushed herbs, initial letters are steamed with a glass of boiled liquid for half an hour. After filtration, use a large spoon up to six times a day.

Infusions from fibroids.

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