Liver cirrhosis treatment.

Healing through pain.

Liver cirrhosis treatment.

In due time (1995) was ill with a cirrhosis — twice pierced and pumped out a liquid. Have written out, as hopelessly sick, with recommendations to lay, more spoons to not lift and breathe through time.
Spit on everything and decided to put himself on his feet. Liver cirrhosis treatment.

Liver cirrhosis treatment.

I remembered then one of the methods of treatment for alcoholics.
Scientists have proved that the cells of our body possess not only hereditary memory, but also possess complete information about the disease and dependence of a person on those or other harmful habits.

So, in order to be cured, we need to get rid of the patients infected with this cell information. He went to the dacha and began to raise the ridge, to carry sand on his hump (in the back). Sweat poured down, the bones creaked as they walked, there was a gurgling in the belly, and it was shaking, but I was walking.
With terrible pain I went to bed and got up.

Liver cirrhosis treatment.

A month later I was not recognized, was emaciated to the bone, but the pain stopped. I probably lost all the sick cells. He grew new, healthy, eating greenery and berries from his site. Greens increase the secretion of gastric juices, which, falling into the blood, split all old and diseased cells.
Therefore, to rejuvenate the body, use more plants that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.

I’ve been brewing leaves from ordinary birch brooms, it’s something in January it was. Two brooms bare, until the fresh leaves waited. But it was delicious.
Brewed on a pinch, how many could be taken with three fingers, on a half-liter jar.
My mother also brought St. John’s wort and nettle, and I alternated them.
And when I lived in the country, ate almost all the weeds, and I was delicious and on benefit. Try a young quinoa or sorrel with black bread.

Liver cirrhosis treatment.

Lying in the hospital, he was already thinking about nutrition, but first of all he refused milk, because  me from him puchilo.

I remember balm for the body was known in Russia — oatmeal, ate it in half-liter jars.
All that pours (drinks), used an hour before meals — if you drank tea, you did not eat soup.
You can not drink the food, this you dilute the gastric juice, which does not have time to fully understand the food and rot occurs.

Lemons ate like oranges, cranberries like raisins — it was delicious to me, but the body needed.
At times I really wanted fat, and this whim was not clear, although after the destruction of the shmatka passed the liver.
Only then did I learn that bacon in its composition is akin to «essential», minus, of course, fat. But I have to live without salt.
In general, forget for this period about it — the only product that is not eliminated from the body.
And sugar … even now I do not put more than a teaspoon of it, but at the time of recovery I did not eat at all.

And at the same time I revised my life values, changed my way of life and social circle. I understood that movement is life, I communicate with nature more, observe and comprehend.

In winter, I steam up in a bath, bathe in an ice hole — as if you are born again.

And in general, remember: on the ground there are no two identical people, and therefore not there must be two identical recipes. Listen to your and remember that recovery comes through pain, and try
Find your way in the treatment and in life.


Liver cirrhosis treatment.

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