Neck lift.

How to look younger.

Neck lift.

It is known that the movement — that’s life. And we are doing aerobics, shaping, swimming, tennis. Due to physical activity of our body muscles become supple and taut. As for the care of the muscles of the face and neck, then here we are, as a rule, passive — It is only necessary for the condition of the skin using lotions, creams and masks.

And that on the face are the facial muscles, which need special care, we often simply forget. However, these muscle with age subject to the same variations as the muscles of the body. If facial muscles are in good shape, we will look young.

Of course, you need to nourish and moisturize the skin of the neck — grooming face of the neck do not forget! But only elastic neck muscles will allow you to keep a secret from those around the year of your birth. By training the neck muscles, we get rid of double chin and restore facial contours.

Where do you start the exercises?

First, before proceeding to a cosmetic gymnastics, listen to me: if you feel unwell activity for the benefit will not go, so it should be postponed.
Secondly, If you see an endocrinologist, consult, not hurt if your thyroid gland exercises for neck health.
And finally, thirdly, do a little pre-workout, stimulates blood circulation in the neck and face.

Sit in front of a mirror, Sit back and for the period of employment, give up all worries — this time belongs to you.
The shoulder girdle and neck must be absolutely free — let nothing interfere with your movements. Mentally thank yourself for taking the opportunity to pay attention.

Slowly, with pleasure his chin on his chest — and slowly return to starting position. Now slowly and gently lift the chin up — and slowly return to starting position.
Right Ear pull to the right shoulder, then left — to the left. Look one shoulder and then the other. Warm-up is complete — and smile to yourself with desire and pleasure to continue with the exercises for the neck.


When we do exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, then tightens the chin area. Thus, strengthening the abdominal muscles at the same time we are fighting, and a second chin.

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