Treatment for runny nose.

ARI treat at home. How to treat a runny nose?

Treatment for runny nose.

Restoration of protective barriers of the upper respiratory tract and bronchial drainage function actively implemented using medicinal plants.

Preparations resorted to acute respiratory infections in the first place — a drug for the treatment of rhinitis (runny nose), nasal congestion. The drops in the nose, reducing nasal breathing — Naphthyzinum, glazolin, ksemelin, less ephedrine, epinephrine, and others are actively offered by doctors and pharmacists, the majority of them without prescription. They are the essence of its pharmacological adrenergic sympathomimetics and — substances, narrows blood vessels and raises blood pressure.

Treatment for runny nose.

With the problem «to reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes and restore nasal breathing» they cope well. But paradoxically, their application in this case is unacceptable! Here’s why: even once their use stops normal blood supply of the mucous membranes for a few hours. This exacerbates the violation of protective barriers already suffering from inflammatory processes. Routine use of these same tools in general causes atrophy of the mucosa, it ciliary epithelium, and also leads to the fact that the inflammation becomes chronic.

Treatment for runny nose.

But how to get out of this situation? It is proposed to use a number of herbal remedies inhalation. The most expedient to use extracts from medicinal plants, enhancing education and the provision of protective secretions, including: essential oils, tinctures, teas, juices of several plants, as well as the solutions of honey and propolis.

1. Among the essential oils: geranium, camphor, lavender, peppermint, fir, pine, thyme, thyme, eucalyptus, etc. The choice of pharmacies is wide and available.. Applying them, you must keep in mind the possible allergic reactions, bronchospasm occurs.

2. Water extraction from medicinal plants containing essential oils and volatile, including renal infusion of birch, poplar, herb rosemary, heather, oregano, mint, lemon balm, thyme, eucalyptus leaves, sage, sweet flag and decoctions rhizomes elecampane, fruits, coriander, thyme , fennel.

3. The juice of onion, garlic. You can also use honey and propolis.

To enhance the separation of the formed secret can be used Kalanchoe juice, aloe, beets. They are diluted 10-20 times, and one drop is instilled into each nostril. It has a slight irritant effect and enhances sneezing, secretion facilitating separation and purification of the nasal mucous membranes. In those cases, when nasal congestion is catastrophic (eg, drastically disturbs sleep or breathing patient), as a variant of a single treatment can offer a mixture of instillation of vasoconstrictor drugs in combination with «Pinosol» or other essential oils.

Treatment for runny nose.

To restore the drainage function of bronchi can be recommended:

Preparations based on medicinal plants with expectorant effect
(Calamus, marshmallow, anise, speedwell, nard, oregano, mullein, mother-and-stepmother, lungwort, primrose, cyanosis, licorice, thermopsis, thyme, violet).
Medicinal plants with expectorant, mucolytic (from the Latin word meaning «thinning phlegm») effect.
These include marshmallow, rosemary, valerian, veronica, sweet clover, hyssop, istoda, flax, Icelandic moss, pine buds.
Expectorants locally irritating action. For these purposes, alkaline mineral water are perfect (for example, «Narzan» Borjomi «), which are used in the form of heat in half the milk dilution.
The proposed medicinal plants can be found in drug stores, as individual plants or as a fee, such as «thoracic teas».

Do not neglect the old, time-tested drugs such as Mukaltin, «Dry cough syrup» ammonia-anise
drops etc..


Treatment for runny nose.

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