Acting diet.

Acting diet.

Every day on TV screens we see slender actresses, singers and other show business figures. Many of them allow themselves to maintain themselves in this form with a special diet. It is about her that will be discussed in our today’s article. We will tell you what an actor’s diet is and what kind of menu is allowed these days.

Features of the acting diet.

The essence of the diet of actors.

The essence of such a diet is to strictly limit oneself in nutrition. Many foods should be excluded from your diet for this period. That is why the option of losing weight of the actors is one of the mono-diets. In this case, only 2 products can be consumed per day and nothing more. Thanks to such a nutrition system, it is possible to quickly reduce weight, but at the same time it causes the body severe harm due to lack of nutrients. That is why at this time it is recommended to use vitamin-mineral complexes.

Advantages of an acting diet.

The advantages of this type of weight loss include the following points. During the diet, rapid weight loss occurs in a matter of days. Since the main food that should be consumed on these days is protein, the muscles during weight loss will not suffer and will not decrease. Allowed foods can be consumed throughout the day in unlimited quantities. Therefore, the feeling of hunger during such a diet will not torment you.

Disadvantages of an acting diet.

The disadvantages of this type of weight loss include the following points. Lost weight can quickly return. The fact is that weight loss in this case occurs mainly due to the removal of excess fluid from the body. This means that as soon as it is replenished, the weight will immediately increase. There is a shortage of nutrients, which we have already talked about. Immunity, as well as skin and hair, can be affected. The skin sags. The fact is that with rapid weight loss it does not have time to acquire its original shape and will become flabby.

Contraindications to the acting diet.

It is not enough to know what an actor’s diet is, you also need to know who it is contraindicated for. This type of weight loss should be discarded in the following cases.

Weakened immunity.
Recently suffered colds.
The postoperative period.
Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, having a chronic form.
The period of gestation and breastfeeding.

Options menu acting diet.

Diet for 4 days.

An actor’s diet in 4 days will help to lose about 4 kg. The menu these days should be as follows.

1 day.

Boiled rice and tomato juice. Please note that if you want to consume this cereal in unlimited quantities, then you can drink only 200 ml of the drink. If you prefer drinking plenty of juice, then rice you can sit only 200 grams.

2 day.

Curd with zero mass fraction of fat — 800 gr. It is also allowed to drink 1 liter of kefir. The mass fraction of fat of this product should not exceed 1%.

3 day.

Boiled poultry meat without skin. It is best to take the fillet. You can also eat beef and veal. Whatever meat you choose, the main thing is to cook it without using salt. Unsweetened green tea is allowed for drinks.

4 day.

700 ml of dry red wine and 150-200 g of cheese. Instead of wine, you can use the same orange juice without preservatives in the same amount.

Diet for 5 days.

This diet assumes the same menu as the 4-day diet. As for the 5 day weight loss, in this case apples or pears are suitable. Their number is not limited, so you can use these products in plenty.

Diet for 12 days.

If you need to get rid of excess weight by more than 4 kg, then you should adhere to the acting diet for 12 days. During this time, you can lose 10 kg. In this case, you should stick to such a menu.

1-3 day.

Cottage cheese with a zero mass fraction of fat and kefir, whose fat content is 1%. The amount of these products taken together should not exceed 2 kg per day.

4-5 day.

Fresh apples or pears. There are no restrictions on these fruits. You can consume them as much as you want.

7-9 day.

Boiled bird fillet. It should be cooked without salt and other spices. From drinks allowed green tea without sugar. The amount of meat consumed per day should not exceed 500 gr.

10-12 day.

200 g of hard cheese and 700 ml of dry red wine per day. This amount of food should be divided into 4 meals. Please note that instead of wine, you can consume orange juice without preservatives. However, if you are allergic to citrus fruits, then you should still opt for an alcoholic beverage.

We found out what an actor’s diet is and gave you options for losing weight. We remind you that this food system has its contraindications, therefore, before you go to it, you need to consult a doctor.


Acting diet.

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