Fat on the body and face.

Fat on the body and face.

Adipose tissue, or lipoma — tumors protruding above the surface of the skin.They are not hazardous to health. They can be very tiny and quite noticeable, but in any case they spoil the appearance of the skin. We will talk about how to get rid of an unpleasant cosmetic defect in this article.

Types of neoplasms.

Lipoma is a small seal under the skin. It consists entirely of fat cells. It can appear at any age, on any part of the body (nose, cheeks, back, eyelids). There are 3 varieties of wen.


Among the people — millet. A small tubercle of white color, which forms on the site of a clogged sebaceous gland. It does not have an open passage, therefore it is impossible to squeeze it out like a normal pimple. Some dermatologists call milia whiteheads. There are both single and localized in the form of group rashes.


A flat plaque that rises slightly above the surface of the skin. It has a yellowish tint. Its shape is round, oval, blurry. Most often acts for centuries. These are fat deposits with cholesterol plaques.

The lipoma is vulgar.

Large enough “pea”. Hidden under a thick layer of epidermis. Appears on the neck, cheeks, forehead. She «walks» under the skin, this is noticeable if you press a finger. If the lump is located near a nerve or vessel, touching it may be unpleasant, but usually does not cause negative feelings.

Why do lipomas appear?

There are 2 mechanisms for the occurrence of a skin defect:

unreasonable — the fat appears spontaneously, in arbitrary places;
clinical — as a result of an illness, injury, surgery, occur in a particular place.

Among the likely causes of neoplasms, doctors call:

blockage of the sebaceous glands;
malfunctions of the endocrine system;
hormonal imbalance;
gastrointestinal problems;
addiction to fatty and sweet foods;
metabolic disease;
prolonged exposure to the sun;
too oily skin;
poor-quality care for the epidermis;
smoking, alcohol abuse.

Accept or delete?

Lipoma is a benign tumor. It can occur spontaneously due to hormonal failure, and also suddenly disappear. If a skin defect does not bother, you can live with it. But it happens that wen cause discomfort: they interfere with wearing jewelry, do not allow the eyelid to close comfortably. Sometimes neoplasms increase in size. Then they need to be deleted.

Folk methods of getting rid of wen.

Home potions and tinctures from plants and fruits can be good helpers in the fight against small lipomas. We offer you to get acquainted with proven recipes for compresses.

With Kalanchoe and Aloe.

Cut off the fleshy, healthy layering of the Kalanchoe plant. With a fresh cut, attach to the wen, fix with a band-aid. Leave it overnight. Aloe is applied according to a similar scheme, but it is better to grind the leaf flesh into pulp. You need to carefully lay it on the lipoma, attach a piece of gauze and glue it with a band-aid.

With lamb fat.

It is believed that mutton fat relieves diseases of the joints and skin. Try to melt it in a water bath and apply a warm compress to the lipoma. The duration of the «treatment» is 1 month.

With onions and soap.

Bake the fresh onion whole in the oven. Grind in a meat grinder. Grate brown laundry soap on a fine grater. Mix the ingredients. Apply the pulp to the problem area for 10-15 minutes 1 time per day. Do not use to get rid of wen for centuries! It can damage the eyes.

With honey, salt and sour cream.

Mix 1 tsp. fat sour cream, iodized salt and liquid honey. Use the drug for 1 week, applying for 15 minutes 2 times a day.

With vodka and vegetable oil.

Olive oil (2 tsp) is mixed with 1 tsp. vodka. A solution of gauze is impregnated in the solution, applied to the neoplasm. People practicing traditional medicine claim that this is an effective way to get rid of wen.

With chestnuts, aloe and honey.

Grind 5 nuts, mix with a wiped leaf of aloe. Add 1 tsp. honey. Apply to the neoplasm until it disappears completely.

With nettles.

0.5 L jar firmly stuff with chopped dry nettles. Pour vodka. Insist 1 week in a dark place. Compress with the drug is applied at night.

With red clay.

Clay is really effective in combating skin defects. Mix it with a pinch of salt, diluting with a small amount of water to a soft consistency. Hold the compress for 20 minutes, carefully remove the remaining clay with a cotton pad moistened with warm water. On the Internet, you may come across recipes based on garlic. We do not recommend following them. Garlic burns the skin and does not help get rid of lipomas.

Is it possible to remove adipose in a mechanical way at home?

Dermatologists categorically do not recommend getting rid of lipomas at home by «squeezing». You can bring an infection. There is also a great risk of disturbing the deep layers of the epidermis, as a result, the neoplasm can turn into a malignant one. In addition, if the procedure is messy, an ugly scar will remain.

If you are still determined to remove the milium yourself, adhere strictly to the algorithm:

treat tools, hands and skin with an antiseptic;
with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol, wipe the neoplasm;
pierce a milium with a needle from a disposable syringe and squeeze it with a capsule;
use cotton swabs to extrude (not fingers!);
After completing the procedure, wipe the wound with alcohol and seal with a plaster.

The role of proper nutrition in the fight against wen.

Do not forget that the main «ally» in the fight against lipomas is proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Include in your diet:

fresh greens;
dairy products (natural yoghurts, kefir, bifidoc);
freshly squeezed juices (from grapefruit, apple);
green tea;
herbal tinctures with wild rose, cranberries, lemon.

Do not abuse sweet, fatty, spicy foods. Be physically active. Such preventive measures will not allow “harmful” cholesterol and fat reserves to be deposited in your tissues, and, therefore, reduce the likelihood of lipomas.

In today’s article, we told you how to get rid of wen at home and in the clinic. In this struggle, it is difficult to overestimate the role of the right lifestyle. If new ones appear at the site of removed lipomas, consult your doctor and undergo a comprehensive medical examination.

Fat on the body and face.

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