Slimming drink with mint.

Slimming drink with mint.

Sooner or later, we all want to lose a few extra pounds. Slimming drink with mint. You go on a diet, begin to play sports, but this is not enough. In addition to food, it is also necessary to control the drinks we drink. It turns out that many of them negatively affect the figure, and some, on the contrary, can save us from excess weight. Drink for weight loss with mint is the clearest example of this. The word «mint» itself is already evoking positive emotions due to the delicious aroma and taste of this herb. Experts say that even inhaling mint vapor through an inhaler already has a beneficial effect on the weight loss process.

Mint for weight loss.

Useful properties of mint:

stimulates the digestive system;
helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases;
improves lung function and prevents the development of pulmonary diseases;
reduces weight.

Of course, you should not think that only a drink with mint will help to lose weight. Everything should go in a complex, however, some useful qualities of this herb still give a very good result.

Recipes for a slimming drink with mint.

Slimming with peppermint is not a myth. As a rule, a person begins to gain weight when he is in constant stress and depression. Feeling these negative emotions, we unconsciously try to suppress them, and more often uncontrolled eating of food comes to the rescue. Mint is able to quickly calm the nervous system, so people who follow a diet just need to be psychologically resistant to external stimuli.

The easiest way is peppermint tea. This drink has a beneficial effect on the process of losing weight, not only because it calms the nerves, as was written earlier, but also stimulates digestion. Thanks to mint, the digestion of food improves, pathogenic microbes in the intestine are destroyed, bloating is eliminated. Peppermint «soothes» the walls of the mucous membranes after eating poor-quality food that can cause flatulence.

Mint tea.

So, to make mint tea, you will need:

dry mint — 1 tablespoon (or a few fresh leaves);
boiling water — 2 glasses.
Pour the mint with boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes.

Green tea with mint.

In order to enhance the effect of the slimming drink with mint, you can add green tea, which is widely used in the fight against excess weight.

boiling water — 1 liter;
mint — 10 leaves (2 tablespoons);
green tea — 1 tbsp.
It is necessary to boil all the ingredients together, and then let the tea brew for a few more minutes.

Mint tea with thyme.

Thyme is as unique as peppermint. Useful properties of thyme make it a good helper in the fight against extra pounds.

mint — 1 tbsp;
thyme — 1 tbsp;
boiling water — 1 tbsp.
Mix all the ingredients and boil over a fire. After boiling, cover the kettle with a towel and wait 10-15 minutes.

Contraindications to mint.

Any slimming drink with mint should be drunk instead of regular tea or coffee. However, remember about contraindications: this herb is able to reduce pressure, so hypotonics are better to refrain from excessive consumption of mint drink. If you suffer from increased acidity of the stomach, you are also better off with mint tea. Men be extremely careful — mint suppresses reproductive function.

Slimming drink with mint.

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