Cleansing the lungs and liver.

Cleansing the lungs and liver.

Horseradish healer.

Cleansing the lungs and liver. I offer a recipe that improves immunity for colds, cleanses the lungs. Spring soon. The garden season will begin, it is imperative to plant root parsley and horseradish.

In the fall, I prepare 3-4 three-liter cans of this composition. I cut with a knife 300 grams of horseradish root, 300 grams of parsley root, 600 grams of lemons with a crust no more than 4-5 mm thick. The contents are half a 3-liter can. Then I fill it to the top with cooled boiled water, close the tightness with polyethylene with a lid and put it in a dark place for 20 days.

The liquid will bubble slightly but will not sour. You can occasionally open the jar, stir with a spoon, and close again.

When the infusion is ready, drain into a separate bowl and refrigerate. And the contents of the can can be filled again for a second period. The infusion will be weaker, but also tastes good. Drink a quarter or half glass on an empty stomach 3-4 times a day, you can between meals.

Cleansing the liver with oil and lemon juice

Carbohydrate, fat, mineral, vitamin and hormonal metabolism in the body is closely related to liver function. For the effectiveness of its cleaning, preliminary preparation is required: water thermal procedures (hot baths or baths) for 3-4 days in a row.

Food these days should be mainly plant-based, you should drink plenty of fluids. Apple juice is especially helpful.
Try to eat as little as possible on the day of your procedures. Within an hour, you can warm up the liver area with a heating pad.

Begin the procedure at about 7-8 pm. Preheat 1/3 cup of olive oil and the same amount of lemon juice to 30-35 ° C. Take 1-2 sips of oil and drink the same amount of juice. After 15-20 minutes, if there is no nausea, repeat, and with the same intervals, in the same proportion, drink all the oil and juice.

If you do not tolerate oil well, wait until the discomfort goes away. Stretch the procedure, but if nausea recurs, limit yourself to just the amount drunk. Slag production begins after 2-3 hours. Additionally, you can make a cleansing enema.

The first meal after cleaning should consist of 0.5 liters of carrot juice. After that, you can start eating salads, cereals and other foods. It is better to abstain from meat after this procedure for 2-3 days.


With large stones in the gallbladder, such a liver cleansing procedure can lead to undesirable consequences — peritonitis, bladder rupture. The stone can get stuck in the organ duct and then an operation will be needed.

Be careful with thermal treatments. Warming up acts as a choleretic agent. So, for example, in case of cholecystitis, it is recommended to do a tubage — drink 1/3 cup of warm mineral water and put a heating pad on the liver area for an hour and a half.

It is not necessary to warm up the liver for too long so that an excess of bile does not form.
With a healthy liver, this cleansing is beneficial. Even if you have cholecystitis, toxic hepatitis, small amounts of lemon juice and olive oil are helpful.

Cleansing the lungs and liver.

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