Decoctions of prostatitis.

Decoctions of prostatitis.

The herbs used at home for the preparation of decoctions eliminate pain and burning sensation during urination and struggle with other symptoms of the pathological condition. The course is from three to six weeks. If the disease is in a chronic form, about five courses are carried out in a year.

Mono decoctions

1. Three large spoons of dried and chopped horse chestnut shells as small as possible are poured into 600 ml of moisture and evaporated to 200 ml. Take thirty drops every time before eating. The finished folk remedy is stored in the refrigerator. Use until cured.

2. A handful of oats is poured into 500 ml of water and boiled for half an hour after boiling. Cool and filter. Drink 200 ml twice before meals.

3. Take four small spoons of parsley seeds. It is crushed by means of a press and filled with a mug of boiled liquid. Set on fire and boil for fifteen minutes. Drink after filtering up to six times a day for ten milliliters.

4. Ten minutes in a liter of water boil a tablespoon of chopped parsley roots. Drink the entire volume during the day instead of tea.

5. Half a kilogram of pears (wild ones are not suitable), fresh or dried, are boiled for one hour in three liters of water. Use 1 liter instead of water throughout the day. Ready broth is stored in the refrigerator.

6. At home, to cope with the manifestations of the disease in men, you can use a decoction of red root. Twenty-six grams of raw materials per liter of boiling water are boiled for 12 minutes. Allow to cool and filter. Drink as tea three times.

Decoctions of prostatitis.

7. A couple of pinches of bee subpestilence are poured with a half liter of water and boiled for several hours. Drink after pumping liquid for 1 tbsp. l three times, seizing with a spoon of honey. Ready broth is stored in a cool place.

8. You can cure prostatitis yourself with the help of a decoction of tar. One part of the raw material requires eight parts of water. Boil for about five minutes, after which they allow to settle for several days. After decantation, take ½ cup before meals. The course continues for ten days. After a similar break, the treatment is performed again.

9. To 300 ml of water add 13 g of chopped nettle roots. Boil for ten minutes. Allow to cool and decant the liquid. Drink three times a day, dividing the volume into equal portions.
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10. A few grams of the powder prepared from the dried greenery of the orchis is poured with a cup of cool moisture. They let stand for an hour, after which they add half a liter of boiling water and boil for 12 minutes. Take if you need treatment for congestive prostatitis, half a glass three times.

11. Fight prostatitis with onion husks. A healing broth is prepared from it. For this, two handfuls of crushed raw materials are poured into 0.7 ml of water and boiled for five minutes. Insist one hour. Accepted after pumping a teaspoon three times a day.

12. A tablespoon of dry green celandine in a bowl of liquid is boiled for 7 minutes. After filtering, take three dessert spoons three times.

13. One hundred grams of cinnamon rose hips are boiled for half an hour in half a liter of liquid. Take every two hours in a cup.

Decoctions of prostatitis.

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