Effective methods for atherosclerosis.

Effective methods for atherosclerosis.


In a half cup of goat milk, stir a dessert spoon of chopped garlic. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
To a glass of natural cow’s milk add 1 tsp. birch tar. Use three times a day for a cup before meals. The course of treatment is continued for at least one and a half months.

You can repeat four courses with a break of a month. The recipe is especially effective for lung damage.
Self-administration of birch tar can lead to sad consequences, even if we are talking about microscopic doses!

Sea kale

Several times a day, it is recommended to use a dessert spoon of dry sea cabbage. You can also prepare an infusion. Take 10 grams of leaves of sea kale, leaves of lingonberry, buckthorn bark, motherwort grass, chamomile flowers, corn stigmas, 15 grams of chokeberry and hawthorn. Two glasses of hot water require a couple of Art. l collection. Stand until cooling. Drink three times in ¼ cup.


Reduces the blood lipid content of mummies. Reception at home is long — about two months at 0.1 grams once a day. With atherosclerosis of the cerebral vessels, the dose is increased to 0.2 g. Drink ten days. They conduct five courses with a break per week.

Sea buckthorn

For the treatment of heart vessels, sea buckthorn berries are recommended, which contain substances that delay the deposition of cholesterol. You can eat berries, crushed 1: 1 with sugar, regularly. The recipe is also good for treating neck vessels.


In the fight against high cholesterol, proponents of alternative treatment recommend using a paste of garlic (five heads), butter (0.5 kg) and table salt (1 tbsp.). It is smeared on bread or added to mashed potatoes.


Flower pollen is a good restorative folk remedy recommended for the treatment of atherosclerosis, including obliterans. Take the beef three times in 24 hours for a teaspoon, continuing the course per month. It is recommended to repeat the course four times a year.

Effective methods for atherosclerosis.


To reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and prevent worsening with an existing disease, you should drink 500 ml of light beer per day.


It is believed that substances secreted by leeches are able to fight cholesterol plaques and prevent their reappearance. Among the advantages of hirudotherapy are:

improved blood circulation;
increase immunity;
lowering blood pressure;
reduction in muscle cramps;
improving the biochemical composition of blood.

Leech treatment for cardiac aortic atherosclerosis is especially recommended. In this case, leeches are placed in the region of the heart and on the back. Course — up to ten sessions with breaks of four days. If the pathology affects the lower limbs, leeches are placed on the legs. Use for such purposes exclusively medical leeches.


Take four cans. In the first put three large spoons of rice, pour water. The next day, a similar manipulation is carried out with the second can, and in the first change the water. On the third day, fill the jar at number three in the same way, and on the previous two change the water. On the fourth day, fill the last can, changing the water in three ready-made ones.

On the fifth day, the contents of the first can are drained through a colander. Boiled rice, eaten in the form of porridge without oil, salt and sugar. For four hours after the porridge, it is not recommended to eat other foods. On the sixth day, rice is prepared in the same way from the second can, and so on. At the same time, the filling of the cans is repeated again. Treatment in this way is carried out for at least forty days.


Lowering cholesterol contributes to the daily use of gum cherries, apricots and plums.


Pumpkin pulp helps in the fight against BCA. It is consumed fresh, starting at 30 grams per day. Gradually, the dose is increased to 150 grams twice a day. Treatment is continued for at least two months. After a ten-day break, the course can be resumed.


To one glass of nonfat sour cream add a tablespoon of chopped horseradish. Use every time before eating a tablespoon.

Tea mushroom

Every day they drink one and a half glasses of an eight-day infusion of Kombucha, dividing the volume by several times.


Chokeberry berries are used to form plaques and increase blood pressure. Mix with sugar at a rate of 1: 1. Use a teaspoon three times a day.

Effective methods for atherosclerosis.

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