Epileptic seizure.

How to protect yourself from epilepsy.

Epileptic seizure.

To strengthen the effect of drugs, it is recommended to actively use and methods of phytotherapy. Epileptic seizure.  At the same time, decoctions and tinctures of medicinal herbs are prescribed. Herbs also reduce the frequency or completely eliminate seizures and condition, they previous.

Epileptic seizure.

At first, medicinal herbal drugs are used in parallel with chemist’s drugs. With a stable condition, it is possible to gradually reduce the doses of prescribed medicines and switch only to the reception of herbs.

In any case, the treatment of epilepsy takes a long time. In the presence of organic lesions of the brain, maintenance treatment is required for life.

Epileptic seizure.

Methods of preparation and dose of phytopreparations are also prescribed individually for each patient. Everything depends on the form and cause of epilepsy.

In folk medicine for the treatment of epilepsy, or, as it used to be called «fallacies», «black infirmities», apply quite a lot medicinal plants. Used as monotherapy — one grass, and complex compounds.

I recommend these words:

1. 15 g of peeled scrooge seeds are peeled in a mortar with 100 g fresh St. John’s wort flowers. Gradually add 1 cup of vodka. Then the mixture must be transferred to a glass jar. Top up another glass of vodka. Close the lid. Let it brew in the warmth for 2 weeks. The received tincture is taken, starting with 5 drops 2 times — in the morning and in the evening, 20 minutes before a meal, with 1/4 cup of water.
Each day add 1 drop. Dose (with good tolerability) to 20-25 drops of tincture in the morning and evening. With increased blood pressure, use caution. If necessary, reduce the dose.
Course of treatment — for 3 weeks, with a break for 1 week.

2. In parallel, you can use infusion of a mixture of roots deviant peony (Maryina root) and flowers of hibiscus (tea » de «). To do this, 1 teaspoon of ground peony roots are mixed with 1 tbsp.
spoon the flowers of hibiscus and insist in 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos for 1 hour.
They drink 1-2 tablespoons. spoons in a warm form 3-4 times a day before meals.
Courses — for 2 weeks, breaks 5-7 days.

3. Previous infusion can be alternated with such a curative collection:
leaves of a blue-eyed cropland — 3 parts, lemon balm — 2 parts, sweet clover (yellow) — 1 part.
2 tbsp. Spoons of the mixture are poured into 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist in the heat for 1 hour. Filter. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon infusion 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals (or — 2 tablespoons in the morning and evening).
Course of treatment 2 weeks, break — 1 week.

4. Proven folk remedies for the control of epilepsy are Artemisia vulgaris (Chernobylnik) and Willowweed (plakun-grass).
They can be used as part of the following treatment fee:
dry shredded roots of wormwood — 1 tbsp. spoon cooked on low heat in
0.5 liters of water 10 minutes. Then add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried flowers (or herbs) of the derbennik and thyme. Remove from the fire. Insist 1 hour. Filter.
Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day before meals.
Admission courses — for 2 weeks, breaks 5-7 days.

With a persistent cessation of the attacks of the disease, the dosage of medicinal drugs under the supervision of a doctor are reduced until they are completely canceled.

For maintenance treatment, the most effective for a particular patient is the fees. Period from six months to a year. But even with complete absence of signs of the disease for a long period, it is necessary to conduct preventive courses of medicinal herbs reception 2-3 times a year. Also, use them ahead of time in case of provoking factors. This is a strong nervous shock and stress, repeated trauma, intoxication with harmful substances, etc.
And, of course, observe a healthy lifestyle. Refuse completely from alcoholic beverages.
Even with a single use can negate all the results of treatment. Be engaged in hardening, autogenic training and recommended physical exercises. Only with this approach can we say goodbye to the times forever.


Epileptic seizure.

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