Face mask with sour cream.

Face mask with sour cream.

Face mask with sour cream. What is beneficial sour cream for face skin

Sour cream mask has many advantages, it is recommended to use cooked products on all types of dermis and even on sensitive skin. Regular use will get rid of such problems:

depletion of the skin;
lack of nutrients;
greasy untidy shine;
irritations, inflammatory processes;
signs of aging;
peeling, dryness;
uneven color, pigment spots.

It is recommended to carry out manipulations with the use of funds at least twice a week — only this will achieve positive results and improve the condition of the dermis.

Mask with strawberries and sour cream

The combination of a fermented milk product and strawberries will allow you to get rid of pigment spots, narrow pores, saturate epidermal cells with nutrients.

1. Mashed 5-7 berries of strawberries, use a fork or blender for this.
2. Add fermented milk product (30 gr.) To the mass, mix.
3. Do not insist, use immediately.
Apply mass to the whole face, if a little mixture is left, it is recommended to pamper the neck. To the question of how much to keep the mask, home cosmetology gives the exact answer — a quarter of an hour. Wash off, damp residual moisture.

Mask: sour cream and honey

A tool in which honey acts as an active ingredient in addition to a fermented milk product, is recommended against redness or inflammation. The only rule that you need to remember is to first make sure that there is no allergy to the bee production product (apply 2-4 drops on the wrist, wait for a negative dermis reaction to occur).

1. In a microwave, heat honey (25-28 gr.), It should be of a liquid consistency.
2. Add the fermented milk product (15 gr.).
3. Mix with a fork until smooth.
Apply to problem areas of the dermis, leave for 20-22 minutes, rinse.

Mask of sour cream and lemon

The composition is recommended against age spots and uneven shades. Ladies who have too sensitive skin, it is better to act carefully — lemon can provoke irritation.

1. Put sour cream (30 g.) Into the container.
2. Squeeze the juice from 2 slices of lemon directly into the fermented milk product.
3. Stir to a homogeneous consistency.
Apply a creamy lemon mass on the skin areas abundant with spots of pigments and freckles with a thin layer, leave for a quarter of an hour. If burning sensation is felt, wash off earlier.

Mask: banana and sour cream

No one doubts the benefits of tropical fruits — bananas can be safely included in the group of leaders among fruits by the number of vitamins and minerals. What does a mask based on a fermented milk product and banana give? The mixture will help to cope with rashes, exhaustion, make up for the lack of nutrients.

1. Turn half of the tropical fruit into a smoothie (with a fork, a blender).
2. Add sour cream (25 gr.) To the mass.
3. If the dermis is too oily, it is recommended to add wheat bran (15 g.) To the composition.
A quarter of an hour is enough to affect the composition, but nothing bad will happen if you prolong the manipulations and leave the mixture on your face longer. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Mask: sour cream and soda

Often such a mixture is used as peeling. The tool allows you to clean pores, cope with black spots, remove keratinized particles of the skin.

1. Slightly heat sour cream (25 gr.) In the microwave.
2. Add baking soda to the fermented milk product (15 gr.).
3. Stir, apply with massaging light movements.
Wash off after 10 minutes. If slight irritation is felt, you can apply a tonic preparation on your face or just wipe the dermis with a chamomile decoction with a calming effect (brew 10 grams of plant inflorescences with 100 ml of water).

Mask of dill and sour cream

Dill mask treatments are recommended for dry skin. Effectively, the composition will cope with peeling, even out the shade.

1. Prepare a decoction based on dill seeds (brew 15 grams of seeds with 50 ml of boiling water).
2. Separated dill liquid into two parts, send one of them to the refrigerator (useful qualities do not disappear within a week), use for the next procedure.
3. Mix the rest of the dill broth with a fermented milk product (30 gr.).
Apply for 20 minutes. Remove with a slightly warm liquid without the use of detergents.

Mask: sour cream and yeast

Use on all types of skin — the composition improves the shade, tightens pores, cleanses dust and dirt, saturates with nutrients, perfectly moisturizes.
1. Mash pressed yeast with a fork (15 g.).
2. Pour in the yeast crumb dairy product (20 g.).
3. Leave for a quarter of an hour — during this time, the yeast should dissolve.
The exposure time after application is 15-18 minutes.

Mask: sour cream and egg

This is a universal mask — it is recommended to use it for all problems of the dermis. In addition to improving the appearance and saturation with useful substances, the mixture successfully copes with the signs of old age — sagging, sagging, first wrinkles.


Rub yolk (for owners of dry skin) or protein (for ladies with oily skin).
Add the fermented milk product (25 gr.).
Shuffle the composition.

Apply evenly on face, wait half an hour, rinse.

Having learned about how sour cream affects the skin, you should not deny yourself pleasure and pamper your face with useful compounds. It is not necessary to be limited to one recipe — home cosmetology recommends combining, adding your own components. The results will not be long in coming — the dermis will improve significantly, the number of problems will decrease, the face will shine with youth and health.


Face mask with sour cream.

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