Flaxseed porridge for women’s health.

Flaxseed porridge for women’s health.

Flaxseed porridge for women’s health. Flax seeds are a popular superfood for health, wellness, and appearance.

Its main secret is in the composition, in particular in the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Flaxseed porridge allows you to solve many digestive problems, has a good effect on the nervous system.

In terms of the amount of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances, it can «compete» with a synthetic vitamin-mineral complex.

Flaxseed porridge, the recipe for which you will find below, is good for women to use for the intestines: it effectively and gently fights constipation, which is often encountered by pregnant women.

There are several ways to cook flaxseed porridge. Despite the fact that now there is no difficulty in finding ground flax seeds, it is best to grind the required portion yourself.

This is important because the finished flour oxidizes quickly. Using the basic flaxseed porridge recipe, you can supplement it at your discretion. Porridge can be cooked with yogurt or kefir, add honey, fruits, berries, nuts.


Flax seeds — 2 tbsp l.
Room temperature water up to — 100 ml
Apple — 1 pc.


Pour flax seeds with water so that it only covers them.
Leave on for 20 minutes.
Grind the resulting mass with a blender.
Peel the apple and grate.
Mix the flaxseed mixture with the apple.


Reducing cholesterol levels.
Normalization of hormonal levels.
Normalization of sugar levels.
Prevention of excess weight gain.
Saturation with essential vitamins and other nutrients.
Reduced risk of postpartum depression.

Flaxseed porridge for women's health.

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