Folk methods from fibroids.

Folk methods from fibroids.

Quail eggs.

Among the recipes that helped many women get rid of uterine fibroids, there are also the use of quail eggs. For three weeks you need to drink six on an empty stomach in the morning.
If gallstone disease is observed, it is better to refuse treatment of such a plan.

Fir oil

If there is a small fibroid, it is recommended to start taking fir oil — five drops twice a day for three months. During therapy, refusal of alcohol is important.


One of the options for treating large uterine fibroids is hirudotherapy. Leeches effectively affect the hormonal background. The required number of sessions is ten. Leeches should be used exclusively medical, and the procedure itself should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist in a special room. There are many positive reviews of those who recovered from the disease in this way.

Folk methods from fibroids.

Broccoli seeds

Take a small wooden box. Sand is poured into the bottom, with a uniform layer. Broccoli seeds are spread on the entire surface of the sand, watered with a small amount of water and covered with cling film. When the sprouts reach 3 cm in height, they are collected and dried. Grind to a mushy state and mix with vodka (the mass should acquire the consistency of thick sour cream). Take the paste three times a spoon on an empty stomach. Treatment lasts about three weeks. It helps if a tumor of the colon and uterine cavity is diagnosed.

Syrup taiga

If a small myoma is diagnosed, it is recommended to use a special syrup from taiga doctors. Take a kilogram of fresh fir paws, half a kilogram of forest raspberry roots, a kilogram of sugar and half the amount of natural honey. Plants are ground in an enameled container, sugar and honey are added. Insist two days. After boiling for eight hours and filtered. The resulting syrup should have a dark cherry hue. Drink 1 tbsp. l three times on an empty stomach for two weeks.

Juice therapy

The use of freshly squeezed juice of potatoes, cabbage, beets and plums helps to normalize the amount of hormones in the body of a woman, which is important for menopause and in the childbearing period. Recommended juices include special enzymes that destroy excess estrogen. The selected juice should be prepared immediately before use. A day is allowed to drink no more than two cups. Sometimes it can be diluted with water. Therapy is carried out for at least two months.
Undiluted juices can trigger flatulence.

Cold tea

Adherents of alternative medicine recommend that women suffering from fibroids should be treated with tea from mountain arnica, five-fingered, yellow gentian and snake root. The components are taken with a small pinch, mixed and poured with boiling water in an amount of 400 ml. They drink like iced tea in a cup twice a day until the symptoms of the disease disappear.


If multiple myoma is diagnosed, chaga fungus helps. It takes one cup of raw materials and five cups of water. The fruiting bodies of the birch mushroom are dried and passed through a meat grinder. Pour dry pulp with cool water and allow to stand for a couple of days. After perform the extraction of raw materials. Drink to slow the disease and reduce pain 70 ml three times on a full stomach, without stopping treatment for a month. If necessary, therapy is repeated after five days.

Elixir of Health

To overcome the tumor of the colon and uterine cavity at home, as well as to eliminate the ovarian cyst, they prepare the following collection: one hundred grams of yarrow and calendula, fifty — celandine, two hundred grams of birch buds, nettle, pine buds and plantain, rose hips and viburnum, four hundred — chagi. The collection is poured with five liters of water and brought to a boil. Insist for two days and wring out. To the infusion add 2 cups of medical alcohol and a similar amount of natural honey. At twelve o’clock determine on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Take a tablespoon three times a day on an empty stomach. The course should not be stopped for about four months.

Folk methods from fibroids..

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