Folk remedies for hair care.

Folk remedies for hair care.

Folk remedies for hair care. Treatment of hair with folk remedies is popular in our time.

Let’s talk about the most relevant folk remedies for hair loss and growth.

Milk mask for hair

Milk perfectly restores the structure of curls and nourishes useful substances. Take kefir or regular milk, rub it into the roots for half an hour before washing.

For best effect, wear a bag or towel. After application, do not forget to rinse the mask thoroughly with warm water. It is best for dry and damaged strands.

Aloe for hair

Mask with this component contributes to accelerated growth of the hair, makes it thicker and stronger. It is especially effective to do a course — five applications in a row before washing.

So, squeeze a teaspoon of aloe juice, add the same amount of lemon juice, mix it with an egg yolk. Apply it evenly to your hair, rubbing the mask into the roots. Don’t forget to put a plastic bag on your head! Rinse out after about half an hour and then rinse your locks with a solution of chamomile.

Mayonnaise for your hair

Mayonnaise can help cure brittle split ends and significantly strengthen strands.

Vinegar, mayonnaise, lemon, olive oil, sugar and an egg. Add the egg yolk to the oil. Place the ingredients in a blender and blend to make a sauce.

Then add lemon and vinegar. You can also add some mustard to strengthen and repair. Then mix it with mayonnaise and put it on your head for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse well with water.

Another option is a combination of mayonnaise, oil, egg yolk and aloe. Simply mix it all together, apply it to the entire length and leave it on overnight under a bag or towel. In the morning, wash it off with warm water and a nourishing shampoo.

Nettle Decoction

Nettles are noted for their therapeutic properties. Its decoction will not only help strengthen the curls, but also heal the hair follicles.

You may have noticed that the extract of this beautiful herb is present in many cosmetics — manufacturers all over the world know about its high effectiveness.

Use the decoction several times a month. You will notice that your curls have become shinier and healthier. This is because nettles contain many essential B, C, K vitamins and beneficial substances.

You should use fresh or dried nettles to start the treatment. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let it cool. In this way, you can wash your hair three or four times a week. After a few uses, you will notice improvement.

Egg and herb mixture

A mixture based on herbs and eggs is considered very effective for the growth and strengthening of the hair. You can choose the herbs individually according to your preferences and contraindications.

For blondes, it is best to use chamomile, and for brunettes will suit nettle and St. John’s wort. After these masks noted a significant improvement in the growth of the strands. They fall out less often.

Folk care products have always been considered standards of effectiveness and recovery. So why give up on them? Use them as often as possible and enjoy the results!

Folk remedies for hair care.

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