Hair treatment.

Hair care.

Hair treatment.

The main reason for the spring fatigue of hair in the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, so doctors and cosmetologists advise to take vitamin complexes. One of the important ways of healthy hair is balanced nutrition, rich in proteins and vitamins A, B and E; do not forget about the beneficial effects on the body and the first spring greens. Hair treatment.

Recipes of traditional medicine.

In the spring, hair requires more trouble and time to care for them, but proper hair care will help you to enjoy your strong, elastic and shiny hair in the summer and keep them that way until next winter.

Most women in the spring complain of tarnity, brittle and dry hair, many are increasing their loss.

The main reason for all these troubles — lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body, which is why doctors and cosmetologists advise taking vitamin complexes. One of the important ways of healthy hair is a balanced diet rich in proteins and vitamins A, B and E; Do not forget about the beneficial effects on the body and the first spring greens.

Hair treatment.

However, your hair can and should be helped not only from the inside, but also with assistance of various cosmetic and folk remedies. At «spring» brittleness and hair loss should pay special attention to their combing.

To do this, first, you need to choose the right comb. Comb should not be too rigid. Secondly, it is not recommended to comb wet hair — it’s best to wait until they get a little dry. And, finally, thirdly, correctly comb your hair, starting from the ends, slowly.
In addition, do not forget every morning and in the evening gently massage your head with a massage comb.

Hair treatment.

It is known that to stimulate hair growth it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the scalp, so it is very useful to do manual massage of the scalp.
Massage is carried out by two hands with circular and cross movements. First, the edge line of hair growth is massed, then the entire scalp. This procedure lasts approximately 7-10 minutes; Spend it 2-3 times a week.

One of the most important problems that a woman faces in the spring is hair loss.
To avoid this, it is necessary in the spring to use additional means for hair care — balms or hair creams that strengthen the hair bulb.

Another common problem in the spring is dullness and brittle hair. Shine hair will help to return special balms, gels, sprays.
Sometimes cosmetologists advise to change shampoo, having made a choice in favor of special shampoos, called to return to hair shine and elasticity. If possible, try not to dry the hair dryer and hot linings.

Hair treatment.

Broth from sprouted wheat grains. Sprouted wheat grains are useful as a food, and for washing them with a decoction of hair. A glass of germinated grains of wheat pour 1.5 liters of boiling water and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Then drain the broth through cheesecloth, cool and rinse them with pre-washed hair. After this rinse, do not pour any more water on the hair and let it dry without a hairdryer.

Melt water. Similarly, you can rinse your hair with melt water. For the preparation of thawed water, it is best to use frozen ice from the refrigerator: freeze water, then melt the resulting ice and rinse the hair.

Birch juice. Mix 100 ml of warm boiled water with 150 ml of concentrated birch juice. With a resulting balm, rinse your hair. To wash off balm it is not necessary.

Infusion of chamomile flowers will strengthen the weakened and faded hair in the spring, give them shine and provide a beautiful shade. Regular rinsing of hair with chamomile infusion slightly lightens the hair and nourishes them well.

Pour a glass of dried chamomile flowers 1 liter of boiling water and let it brew for about 10 minutes, then strain. Similarly, infusions are prepared from dry leaves of plantain, St. John’s wort and sage, which are useful for oily hair.
It is recommended to grease hair with such infusions daily for a month.

Decoction of birch buds. A glass of fresh birch pour in a pan of 2 liters of water, put on a fire and bring to a boil.
Then remove from heat, strain, allow to cool slightly and with warm broth carefully rinse the washed hair.


Hair treatment.

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