Herbal remedies for hypertension.

Herbal remedies for hypertension.

1. Getting rid of hypertension without drugs is performed by one of the following fees:

oregano, hawthorn, clover, St. John’s wort, lingonberry, birch, mistletoe shoots;

pineapple, thyme, chokeberry fruits, horse chestnut roots, wheat grass, sorrel;

shoots of rosemary, hawthorn fruits, leaves of coltsfoot, birch leaves, bog dried horsetail, horsetail, melilot, lemon balm, sowing dill;

shoots of mistletoe, fruits of common mountain ash and rose hips, hops fruit, black nightshade and magnolia flowers, leaves of a shepherd’s bag, green fireweed, knotweed, yarrow, hypericum;

chicory roots, caraway seeds, wild strawberry leaves, clover flowers, valerian roots, peppermint leaves, yarrow, horsetail field and shepherd’s bags.

The components in each case are taken in equal proportions, mixed and ground. Fifteen grams are separated, 300 ml of hot moisture is steamed and insisted for a couple of hours. After pressing, the treatment is performed — half a cup three times a day after meals. The recipe is good for the kidney type of the disease.

Herbal remedies for hypertension.

2. In the treatment of high blood pressure in the elderly use the following fees (components are taken in equal parts):

shoots of raspberries, berries of chokeberry, caraway seeds, field horsetail and motherwort;

rose petals, leaves of birch and fireweed, dill;

chamomile flowers, knotweed, rosehips and mountain ash;

shoots of kidney tea, fruits of melilot, rose hips, hawthorn.

After grinding the components, twenty grams of collection are taken, 400 ml of liquid is poured and left under the towel for about twenty minutes. Spin and divide the volume into several equal portions. Proponents of alternative treatment claim that in just three weeks of taking the remedy, relief comes.

3. For hypertension of the second or third degree, the following phyto-fees are recommended:

Fennel and rosehip fruits, Scutellaria and wheatgrass roots, lingonberry and birch leaves, mistletoe shoots, clover, cinnamon, horsetail and periwinkle;

the roots of valerian, horse sorrel and wheatgrass, hop fruit, red clover flowers, coltsfoot, lingonberries, dill, shepherd’s bags, oregano, dried cows;

fireweed leaves, raspberry greens, dried mash, motherwort, rue, rosemary shoots, rose petals, fruits of aronia and mountain ash;

flax seeds, wheatgrass and chicory roots, lingonberry, chamomile, dill, rosehips of cinnamon, common rowan and aronia, melilot, field horsetail;

flowers of mullein, clover, hawthorn, Sophora buds, licorice and moonseed roots, leaves of drooping birch and walnut, greenery of wild strawberry, peppermint, astragalus and spherophysis.

The components are mixed in equal proportions, after which 1 tbsp. l and steamed with a glass of hot liquid for an hour. After the specified period is filtered. Use a folk remedy for two glasses per day.

Herbal remedies for hypertension.

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