Honey water to improve metabolism.

Honey water to improve metabolism. It is necessary to drink every day.

Not many people know that honey water is incredibly useful for our body. I want to tell you how to make such water. How to use it and the useful properties.

Honey water improves metabolism, removes toxins from the body. Helps to lose weight, improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, tones up and restores the body. She also perfectly strengthens immunity. That is especially important.

It is used as a prophylactic for the strengthening of blood vessels, heart, kidneys and bladder. Honey water will relieve the pain in the throat, from coughing, from diseases in the oral cavity.

This drink is similar in composition to plasma. Therefore, all useful substances are quickly absorbed into blood cells. Nothing complicated in the preparation of water with honey. But there are several nuances that must be taken into account.

Necessary ingredients.

• 250 milliliters of unboiled water;
• one teaspoon of natural honey;
• lemon (or lemon juice) — if desired.

Honey water for health. How to do.

1. Take one glass of clean water. For example, a spring or filtered, necessarily room temperature. You can not boil water. It should be raw !!!

2. Put a teaspoon of natural honey in a glass of water. Stir thoroughly until completely dissolved. Quality honey completely dissolves. Does not give a sediment. The water remains transparent at the same time.

3. The Council. Take honey depending on what you will treat. For example, flower honey works best for colds. Buckwheat honey contains a large amount of iron.

4. Water should be done immediately before using. Drink on an empty stomach, for 20-30 minutes before the first meal (breakfast).

5. If there is a desire, add a little lemon juice or put a glass of lemon in a glass. Drink will be even more useful.

6. If you need honey water for weight loss. Then add cinnamon or apple cider vinegar into it.

7. If you drink water 2 hours before bedtime, then you can fall asleep much faster.

8. Honey water will also be an excellent facial. This will improve the skin condition and make you younger.

9. Contraindications. When diabetes and honey allergies are taken, honey is not allowed.

Honey water is not a panacea for all ills. But with regular admission you will notice a marked improvement in the general condition of the body. Agree that this is much better than to poison yourself with medications.


Honey water to improve metabolism.

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