How to preserve youth.

Why do Chinese women look younger.

How to preserve youth.

Chinese women, even in old age, not to mention the young women look fresh and young: velvet skin, healthy white teeth, elegant, shiny hair … However, they are not particularly favored by some to cosmetics. How to manage the Chinese beauties retain its beauty for a long time? How to preserve youth.

Yes, Chinese women are not young and fresh thanks to cosmetics. Their trump card — a healthy lifestyle, to which the parents — the Chinese teach their children from an early age.

Secrets of a healthy way of life of Chinese women:

1. Girls, barely learned to take the first steps, begin to engage in recreational gymnastics;

2. During menstruation women do not eat cold food or drink cold water. food and water temperature should be no lower than the temperature of our body. In addition, the menstrual period, the Chinese women beware of drafts and do not bathe in the cold waters. So they protect themselves from various diseases of the genitourinary system;

3. Chinese women do daily self-massage. For example, to the chest remained healthy, they perform the following: hands folded on the right breast — the top right and bottom left, and massage the breast in a clockwise direction 36 times. The same is done with the left breast. They have their own self-massage exercises for each body part;

Secrets of youth.

4. To keep the skin smooth and young Chinese ladies:

• eat more acidic foods, leaning on the sour apples and lemons. After 35 years, they include soy diet products — soy sauce, tofu, soy meat which contain iron, calcium and vitamin E as well as the necessary skin;

• Regularly do a mask, for example, this: mix egg whites, a tablespoon of honey, 1 tsp lemon juice and 3 tsp lemon juice. This composition is applied to the face before going to bed, and half an hour later washed off with warm water.

5. The Chinese like to eat mainly cereals dishes of rice, buckwheat, oats, rye and wheat, because it contains amino acids in grains mass, vitamins and trace elements. Cereals contribute to the good work of the intestine and produce a lot of energy;

6. Chinese women also eat a lot of fruit, cooked and raw vegetables, herbs, nuts, mustard, seafood and dairy foods;

7. Chinese women, unlike us, always loaded with string bags, do not drag of gravity. That’s why they hardly suffer from varicose veins;

8. Instead of meat, so beloved by the Russians, the Chinese prefer to eat fatty fish, beans and peas. Note — in China a little fat people;

Chinese women.

9. Ladies carefully groomed hair, regularly making masks. Here is one of them: before going to bed to grind a handful of peas, fill it with warm water to thicken, and leave overnight. Morning, apply the mask to damp hair for half an hour and then wash off with warm some water;

10. Waking up, women in China do not jump out of bed. At first they warm up her hands, rubbing them together, and then touching their forehead, perform a series of movements umyvatelnyh. This makes them easily meet your new day, because these manipulations are well calm the nervous system.

Chinese women are sure that if you want to look young and beautiful, take care not only about their loved ones, but also about his beloved.

Healthy eating and taking care of themselves — the main components of female youth and beauty!


How to preserve youth.

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