How to restore tooth enamel.

How to restore tooth enamel.

Recently, teeth whitening and restoration of tooth enamel folk remedies have gained great popularity. This is not surprising, because we all strive for communication, and a beautiful snow-white smile is the best for this. An open smile demonstrates that a person is doing well and he has nothing to hide.

The condition of the teeth depends on the condition of the enamel, which becomes thinner over time, losing its protective properties and its original color. But if the protective properties are difficult to restore, then the whiteness of the teeth is quite realistic to return.

Considering that for most methods of teeth whitening abrasive or chemical substances are used, restoration of tooth enamel with folk remedies is considered by us as the most harmless, and therefore preferred method. Restoring tooth enamel with folk remedies can be both possible and impossible, depending on the degree of damage.

Starting to restore tooth enamel with folk remedies, remember that the teeth are not capable of self-healing, therefore, excessiveness and haste can only do harm.

How to restore tooth enamel.

One of the radical ways to restore tooth enamel is to use the white pulp of lemon peel. This method is really effective, but you should not abuse it. But its use as an emergency «help» is quite justified.

To carry out restoration of tooth enamel folk remedies, you can use activated carbon. Mix 1-2 crushed tablets with water until a homogeneous, porous mass is obtained. This mixture needs to brush your teeth. But you can do this no more than once every three days.

Baking soda can also be used for this purpose. However, it should be used no more than once a week, since it has high abrasiveness.

Restoring tooth enamel with folk remedies, such as hydrogen peroxide, will bring a faster result, however, the use of this tool can greatly affect the density of tooth enamel.

As the least harmless way to whiten teeth, you can use the gifts of nature, for example, strawberries or strawberries. The berries need to be kneaded and applied to the teeth like toothpaste. Soak for a while. After the procedure, the teeth must be brushed with paste.

But it is always necessary to remember that the prevention of problems and diseases is much simpler and more effective than elimination and treatment. If you monitor the health of your teeth, then restoration of tooth enamel with folk remedies you will not need. Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid drinks such as coffee, strong tea, sparkling water with dyes. Do not drink too hot or cold drinks and be sure to rinse your mouth after eating. And, of course, visit the dentist once every six months.

How to restore tooth enamel.

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