How to treat hair loss.

How to treat hair loss.


About the health benefits for the body of such a dietary food as eggs, it is not necessary to speak. But how many people know that egg yolks successfully prevent alopecia, improve the structure of hair, make it stronger, get rid of dandruff?

A mixture for external use is prepared as follows: 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil are heated, mixed with 5 g of lemon juice, one egg yolk, 10 g of honey, a crushed garlic clove, add some hair balm, shake well, rub into the roots, leave for half an hour. Procedures are carried out once every three days.

Rye bread

Rye bread, which we often disrespectfully call black bread, is beneficial for hair problems. It makes them tighter, shiny and stops hair loss.

The reason is the composition of rye flour: organic acids, monosaccharides, amino acids, thiamine, disaccharides, tocopherol, vitamin B3. No yeast is used in rye baking, so the dough components are not oxidized by fermentation.

The recipe is very simple: three slices of bread pour boiling water, when it cools, the water is poured off, and the mush is rubbed into the roots, the head is wrapped for 20-30 minutes.

The method of treatment can be slightly modified by adding egg yolk, honey, vegetable oil, kefir or whey.

Onions and garlic.

Both for the whole body and to strengthen the roots of the hair, the most popular folk products are considered onions and garlic.

They contain beneficial amino acids, antioxidants, natural antibiotic phytoncides, trace elements and vitamins.

Penetrating into the scalp, chopped with a blender or grated onion mash stimulates oxygenation of capillaries and blood vessels of the head.

Keep in mind that such a mask will leave its smell on your hair even after several washing sessions, which increases with hair moisturizing.

Therefore, if during the treatment of hair loss with these folk remedies you are going to go to the hairdresser, it is better to choose a less smelly recipe.

You can prepare an effective remedy from decoction of burdock, nettle, honey, aloe juice, kefir, egg white.

Well treat baldness at home local herbs: burdock root, mother and stepmother, nettle, wormwood, chamomile, calendula. To these you can add aloe (centenarian), which grows on the windowsill in many homes.

Treatment with folk remedies hair loss gives good results.

Only the folk treatment of hair loss practically has no contraindications. For him take the most simple, affordable and inexpensive products.

You can select the specific methods and recipes on your own. Please note that the treatment will be long and meticulous.

It will take at least six months. Only then you can achieve a lasting result — to stop alopecia and stimulate hair growth.


How to treat hair loss.

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