Increased vein tone.

Increased vein tone.

It would seem that we are diluting blood, we are fighting with cholesterol, what else is needed? It turns out that with angina pectoris, it is necessary to increase the tone of the veins, which will contribute to a better outflow of blood containing cholesterol to the liver, where it is partially destroyed.

In this case, you can use the so-called venotonic collection:

motherwort grass — 3 parts; hawthorn flowers — 3 parts; clover herb — 4 parts; horse chestnut flowers — 4 parts; licorice roots naked — 3 parts; lemon balm grass — 3 parts; hop cones — 3 parts.

2 tablespoons of the mixture brew 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 25 minutes and drink half a glass 3 times a day before meals. Take the collection courses of 3-4 weeks with a week break.

Increased vein tone.

For more severe stress conditions, it is advisable to use complex therapy using herbs and bee venom (bee removal). The best sedative (soothing) herbs can be called motherwort, jaundice, zyuznik, cyanosis blue, and if you take the sweet clover, it will give a soothing and blood-thinning effect.

Bee venom also has a sedative effect in angina pectoris.

Complex treatment

With insufficient oxygen supply during an attack of angina pectoris or severe sclerosis of the vessels, the heart muscle quickly becomes tired, and its contractions become less intense. In this regard, spring adonis (Montenegrin) stands out from medicinal plants. It is characteristic that this wonderful plant also has a good diuretic effect, which is successfully used for edema of cardiac origin.

Yes, the treatment of angina pectoris is multicomponent, but if you want to improve your health, you will have to make some efforts. It would seem that you can brew all the herbs together, but because of their interaction with each other, this is impossible. Therefore, for the best effect, all these fees should be taken separately, making an interval of 30 minutes between them.

So, recommending a comprehensive treatment of angina pectoris using medicinal plants and bees, you can take one or another methodology as a basis, the choice is yours. The main thing is to determine what is best for you; suitable as well, which is more affordable.

Undoubtedly, each person needs his own course of treatment taking into account his individual characteristics, but I can not resist and do not give at least one universal drug collection that can be used for angina pectoris:

motherwort grass — 5 parts; hawthorn flowers — 3 parts; valerian roots — 3 parts; dried grass — 2 parts; herb initial letter — 2 parts; lemon balm grass — 3 parts; Melilotus officinalis herb — 4 parts. Brew 2 tablespoons of the collection with 2 cups boiling water, insist 20 minutes and drink half a glass 3 times a day before meals for a month.

Let me remind you again: these are my recommendations. You can choose for yourself your own collection of those plants that are available and are more suitable for you. I will just name the list of plants from which you will choose: adonis, hawthorn, valerian, oregano, sweet clover, nettle, lily of the valley, lemon balm, muzzle, peppermint, mistletoe, motherwort, chamomile, sushnitsa, bearberry, yarrow, hops, wild rose.

Increased vein tone.

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