Juices from gastritis.

Juices from gastritis.

To achieve a powerful therapeutic effect, juices are recommended to be taken in a warm form. The course is a week. After a break in a couple of days, therapy is resumed.

1. In a one-to-one ratio, a mix of apple and carrot juice is prepared. Usually take half a cup. Drink in the morning.

2. Cabbage juice is considered one of the most effective in the treatment of diseases with low acidity. You can cook it in advance by squeezing white cabbage from fresh leaves. A day should drink a glass of juice, dividing into two servings.
Freshly squeezed cabbage juice can cause nausea. In this case, the distant acts softer.

3. For ten days with focal, superficial and mixed forms of the disease, potato juice is treated. For cooking, take root crops, devoid of green patches and dents. Rinse well before spinning. Drink a cup every morning, continuing the therapy for ten days. There should be four courses in total. The break after each is also ten days.
Potato juice is a completely useless and even dangerous medicine. Promising a brief relief, he can cause a sudden attack.

4. Carrot juice is used to reduce acidity — one hundred and twenty milliliters every morning on an empty stomach.

5. In the summer, the use of blackcurrant juice is indicated. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Dose — ½ cup.

6. For any form of pathology, including diffuse, aloe juice is indicated — several dessert spoons for a while before each meal.

7. Anacid type of illness is treated with chokeberry juice obtained from fresh fruits. Use 70 ml three times after a meal.

Juices from gastritis.

8. The juice of the leaves of plantain, collected during the flowering period, is taken three times before meals, fifteen milliliters.

9. With normal acidity, treatment is performed with pineapple juice. A teaspoon of honey falls on a glass. Drink twice before lunch and dinner.

10. In a ratio of 2: 1 mix the juice of lettuce and carrots. Drink half a cup three times, adding 1 tbsp. l honey. Treatment is indicated for atrophic form.

11. For increased secretion of gastric juice, horseradish juice is indicated. Drink twice a day for 30 ml, adding a spoonful of honey or sweetening with sugar.
Horseradish juice can cause burns to the oral mucosa and increase blood pressure.

12. Prepare a mixture of beetroot and cabbage juices (fifty milliliters each), dilute 100 ml of boiled chilled water and drink twice. The recipe for subatrophic gastritis is indicated.
Mix is ​​strictly contraindicated in any form of gastritis.

13. In an amount of 25 ml mix potato and carrot juices. Enter 50 ml of cabbage and 100 ml of pure moisture. They drink twice at an atrophic form.

14. The catarrhal type of inflammation is treated with juices of onions and dandelion, taking a drug of fifty milliliters three times a day.

Juices from gastritis.

15. Reflux gastritis is treated with celery juice. Dose — 1 tbsp. l every time before eating.

16. Apricot juice is useful in all types of illness. It can be given to children.

17. With increased acidity, chamomile juice is recommended: 200 g of fresh raw materials are washed and scrolled in a meat grinder, squeezed. The treatment is performed three times before meals, taking fifteen milliliters.

18. With reduced acidity per day, it is recommended to consume about 200 ml of tomato juice without salt.

19. Prepare a mix of half a cup of cabbage juice and a similar amount of squash juice. Use, divided into three portions, after a meal.

20. Cramps relieves motherwort juice. It is extracted from the whole plant. Use on a dessert spoon three times after a meal.

21. With the diffuse form of the disease, sea buckthorn juice is used — a glass before meals three times at twenty-four hours.

Juices from gastritis.

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