Juices from varicose veins.

Juices from varicose veins.

Juice therapy is useful in all kinds of diseases. Varicose veins on the legs and inside the body are no exception. Drink juices as long as possible.

An untrained body can respond to such therapy with nausea, diarrhea and headache, especially if the juices are consumed in their pure form.

1. A mix of carrot and spinach juices contributes to the strengthening of blood vessels. Use daily, mixing juices at the rate of 10: 6.

2. A mix of beet, carrot and spinach juices allows you to stabilize blood pressure and relieve swelling. In this case, carrot juice is taken several times more.

Juices from varicose veins.

3. In a ratio of 7: 3: 4: 2 take the juices of carrots, spinach, celery stalks and parsley. Drink a cup twice a day. The composition helps to get rid of toxins, remove excess fluid from the body and strengthen blood vessels.

4. In a ratio of 2: 2: 4 mix the juices of turnip greens, watercress and spinach. The composition has blood thinning properties. Among other things, a folk remedy is considered an effective medicine for dissolving existing blood clots. Take it in ½ cup three times.

Other folk methods

The methods of treatment of varicose veins offered by informal medicine are used to normalize blood circulation, increase vascular elasticity and prevent thrombosis.


To 350 ml of fresh honey, add 250 g of chopped garlic. For seven days, stored in a dark place, periodically mixing. Balm is indicated for vascular diseases of the lower extremities. The course of treatment is continued for a couple of months, taking a large spoonful of the drug three times a day before meals.

Grape leaves

The recipe is indicated for getting rid of the disease of internal organs. Fresh grape leaves are taken (five pieces will be enough), chopped with a meat grinder and combined with 100 g of honey. They use a large spoon every morning.


Leeches treat varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. The special substance secreted by them dilutes the blood, which prevents the formation of blood clots. Treatment takes place under the watchful eye of a specialist. Leeches are used exclusively medical. After ten sessions, a marked improvement is noted.
Before starting such treatment, it is very important to take a blood test for coagulability. If a tendency to low coagulability is detected, leeches should not be used, otherwise bleeding is likely.

Indian remedy

Healing paste is made from nuts, dried apricots, lemon peel, prunes, raisins and honey at home. Before cooking, the components are crushed. After being mixed, poured with honey and sent to the refrigerator. To eliminate the symptoms of the disease on the face, legs and internal organs, eat a spoonful of paste daily for a month.
The recipe is categorically not suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

Juices from varicose veins.

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