Knee pain remedies

Knee pain remedies.
Irreplaceable dandelion.

Regardless of the name of the joint disease (be it arthritis, arthrosis or gout), medicinal plants belonging to the group antidiscrimination, which actively participate in metabolism and improve it. knee pain remedies.

One of the best plants, belonging to this group and suitable for the treatment of joint diseases, is a dandelion. I want to emphasize this plant, because, firstly, it refers to effective and reliable means, and secondly — it’s available raw materials (because dandelions grow literally everywhere).

Knee pain remedies.

You can use the whole dandelion plant. When a dandelion blooms, you can use its flowers — chew them and swallow.
These flowers have a pleasant, specific, slightly sweetish taste.
These flowers can be crumbled and added to various salads.

Dandelion flowers should be used for a long time — during the entire flowering period (dandelions bloom 4-6 weeks).
You can use leaves for medicinal purposes. They appear in the early spring, and throughout the summer they can be used in the preparation of salads and soups.

Dandelion leaves have a bitter taste, and all bitterness activates metabolic processes, so to improve metabolic processes, dandelion leaves are ideal, and they should not be soaked — just wash and cut into salad.

If you decide to add dandelion leaves to the soup, then do not brew them — just crush a few of these healing leaves into the ready soup.
In small quantities, bitterness is pleasant and useful, and many people even like it.

Knee pain remedies.

The roots of the dandelion are harvested or early spring, when only the rosette of leaves appears, or in August-October, after the plant fades. They are washed, cut, dried, and then stored in a dry, dark, cool place, in a sealed container, as a dandelion is often attacked by a mole.

Dry roots of dandelion can be fried in a frying pan (calcify), and then we will get from a dandelion a drink like coffee. A teaspoonful of dandelion roots fill with 250 ml of water (slightly more than a glass), take off for 10 minutes, remove from heat and immediately strain and drink at the same time.

So do in the morning and in the evening, that is, drink 2 cups of a decoction of dandelion per day.

Therapy with dandelion roots is desirable to be carried out 2 times a year — in the autumn and in the spring.
If you do not want to brew the roots of a dandelion, then you know that you

You can put the roots on the cheek and gnaw them little by little — the active ingredients of the dandelion will get into the body and the benefits will still be.


knee pain remedies.

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