Lose weight fast

How to lose weight.

Lose weight fast. Easy ways to lose weight.

I’ll tell you about my experience weight loss of 16 kg in 70 days.

After numerous attempts to lose weight with a consequent increase in weight, I came to the conclusion that it is better to lose weight «in small portions.» Let slowly but surely. Lose weight fast.

Considered if lose weight in a week for 1 kg, then one day need to «lose» a total of about 150 g
In the month 4 weeks = 4 kg, and in the year as much as 52 weeks = 52 kg.
But personally, I lose so many kilograms do not need. determine and start.

Lose weight fast.

First, I started to get up much earlier in the morning: get up early — do more, do better — move more, move more — lose more calories; and even replaced his rather dense dinner after 19 hours at 2-3 an apple or a salad of vegetables, sometimes yogurt or seeds.

As a result, over the last month actually lost 4 kg and even a little more.
Then I could quite easily go on a liquid diet: drink only tea or coffee with sugar and milk or cream and slush from soups (but only from normal, not from the package). And got a double effect: the lost weight and cleanse the body well, because of all these 40 days of liquid diet I came out every day a lot of organic waste. However, I did still water enema. The complexion became pink and white (and morning).
And most importantly, I have no moral and physical suffering is not felt. Everything went fairly comfortable for the body.

From my own experience I know that to keep the result is no less complicated problem. But I’m coping.
So, ladies and gentlemen, go for it! The world is full of possibilities! It would be a desire.


Lose weight fast.

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