Natural hair care.

Natural hair mask with essential oils.

Natural hair care.

Home cosmetic hair masks with essential oils. Natural hair care.
A useful and very effective addition to basic care. They deeply nourish the scalp. Beneficially affect the structure of the hair itself. In addition, each essential oil has a whole complex of unique properties.

Natural hair care.

Home mask with the addition of essential oils of fir and rosemary has a general health-improving effect. Suitable for all hair types.

It saturates the scalp with nutrients. Strengthens hair follicles. It gives the hair a thick and natural shine. Moreover, the oil of rosemary improves the circulation of the scalp. Restores and strengthens fine, damaged hair. Fir oil adjusts the work of the sebaceous glands. Helps to fight with peeling of the scalp and dandruff.

We need:
ceramic container — 1 pc., small scoop — 1 pc.,
whisk for whipping — 1 piece, water — 150 ml,
cellophane cap — 1 pc., warm towel — 1 pc.,
olive oil — 2 tbsp. l., honey — 1 tbsp. l.,
raw egg yolk — 1 piece, sea salt — 1-2 g,
essential oil of fir — 5-6 drops,
essential oil of rosemary — 3-4 drops.

Fill the ladle with water. Bring to a boil. Install a ceramic container with honey. Gradually melt it in a water bath until a homogeneous liquid consistency is obtained.

Remove the ceramic container with honey from the fire. Allow to cool slightly. Add olive oil and egg yolk at room temperature. Shake whisk all the ingredients well.

In turn, add the essential oils of fir and rosemary to the mixture. Once again vigorously whip the mass with a whisk.

Apply the mask to the roots of the hair, smoothly massaging the scalp. Then evenly distribute the mask throughout the length of the hair.

Put on a cellophane cap, collecting all the hair under it. Wrap the head with a towel and soak the mask for at least 30 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Wash with your shampoo.

Such a procedure is recommended not to be carried out too often. For medicinal purposes it is necessary to make a home mask with essential oils twice a week. For prevention, 2-3 applications per month are sufficient. With regular use of the mask, you will notice positive results after a few weeks. Hair will become stronger, lush, docile and shiny.


Natural hair care.

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