I bruise easily.

Wormwood will help with a bruise.

I bruise easily.

Once I hurt my knee badly, the pain was just unbearable, but fortunately it happened when I was staying in a village with my aunt.
And she’s a big fan of natural medicine.
She also advised me an ancient way to treat bruises.
We must take the usual dry wormwood, wipe it to the state of flour and mix it with yogurt.
From this mixture, make a cake and attach to a sore spot.
Surprisingly, such a simple tool helped very quickly, the pain was gone, and there was not even a bruise left.
Now in my house there is always a bag of dried wormwood — just in case.

Bodjaga from bruises.

Recently, I was faced with the problem of bruises. I never thought that this could cause such anxiety.
But if a woman has a bruise (and a bruise or swelling, as a consequence) in a prominent place — the hand or face, this causes serious discomfort.
But folk medicine prompted an exit. A great remedy for bruises and tumors — a body sponge.
On a tablespoon of water you need to take 2 tbsp. Spoons of powder in a powder and prepare a viscous mass.
This is a dough to put on a bruise and bandage. The therapeutic effect of such a medicine will begin as soon as the water begins to evaporate, and the bodega becomes semi-dry.

You can bred a sunflower oil in a 1: 1 ratio.
Change the lotion 2 times a day. I myself was amazed at the result — all the consequences of bruises go right before our eyes.


I bruise easily.


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