Ointments for sinusitis.

Ointments for sinusitis.

Ointments prepared from improvised products are used to relieve inflammation and anesthesia. With their help, it is possible to normalize the recovery processes in the nasal cavity and start the regeneration of the damaged mucosa. Use any ointment, applying to cotton turunds and placing in the nasal passages or lubricating the area of ​​inflammation from the outside. The course is ten days.

1. Among the ointments that helped many get rid of sinusitis, one especially distinguishes this: two large spoons of aloe juice, a few drops of menthol oil and fifty grams of dioxidine ointment. Use twice a day.

2. To a glass of melted honey add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Heated in a steam bath and injected with half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed garlic juice.

3. To a tablespoon of Vishnevsky ointment add half a dessert spoon of honey or propolis, aloe juice and onion. The mixed components are heated in a steam bath for several minutes. Vishnevsky ointment performs the treatment of chronic sinusitis. Also eliminates the catarrhal type.

4. At home, you can prepare an ointment with laundry soap. Half the bar is rubbed on a fine grater, add a spoonful of propolis tincture, the same amount of flower honey and onion juice. Heat in a microwave until smooth and cool. Ointment is recommended for use when exacerbation is observed.

Ointments for sinusitis.

5. To get rid of excessive dryness of the nasal passages and to cure the right-sided type of inflammation, use this composition: thirty grams of medical glycerin, a teaspoon of flower honey. Ointment is used twice.

6. An ointment with honey helps cure sinusitis without piercing. Take a tablespoon of crushed baby soap, not containing perfumes. Combine with the same amount of vegetable oil, milk and honey. In a steam bath, the mixture is heated until the soap melts. After removing from the fire, enter half a glass of medical alcohol. The finished folk remedy is poured into a glass jar. Store in the refrigerator. Before use, the ointment is slightly warmed up. The cotton swabs moistened in it are inserted into the nose for a quarter of an hour, repeating in the morning and evening.

7. A similar recipe looks like this: half a small spoon of onion juice, a similar amount of milk and vegetable oil, a quarter of a small spoon of alcohol and a teaspoon of laundry soap grated on a fine grater. The mixture is heated in a water bath and used twice.

8. Mix two hundred grams of spruce spruce, pulp of one onion, fifteen grams of copper sulfate and fifty grams of olive oil. Bring the mixture to a boil and cool. Use twice a day to lubricate the nasal mucosa.

Ointments for sinusitis.

9. A teaspoon of mixed soda, honey and vegetable oil. A cotton swab dipped in ointment is introduced into the nasal passage. Repeat the application twice a day.

10. In a proportion of one to four combine sea salt and interior fat. Rubbed into the skin in the nose twice a day until the symptoms disappear.

11. To one whipped protein, chicken eggs are mixed with a handful of grated laundry soap. Turundas soaked in ointment are inserted into the nasal passages.

12. Take the following ingredients: a cup of refined vegetable oil, a small piece of beeswax, ½ yolk of hard-boiled chicken egg. Oil and wax are placed in an enameled container and ten minutes steamed in a steam bath. Introduce the yolk, previously crushed. Leave the mixture for half an hour, then filter. Apply ointment in the morning and evening, laying in the nose with a pipette.

Compresses from sinusitis.

1. Often, traditional healers recommend treating maxillary sinus inflammation with paraffin. One candle is heated in a water bath. Using a brush, apply hot mass to the frontal and maxillary sinuses. Over cover with a film of food and cloth. Leave to cool.

2. Take one dry joint of the golden mustache and the skin from the stem of one peony. Triturated to a powder state and in a proportion of one to one combined with vegetable oil. Impregnate a tissue in the product. The compress is done once a day for five days.

3. The flowers of the immortelle, centaury and tansy are evenly connected. Twenty grams is steamed with 0.1 liter of boiling water and allowed to stand until cool. Then the composition is filtered and heated. Cotton napkins are moistened in a warm infusion. Apply to the area of ​​the paranasal sinuses. After a quarter of an hour, the compress is removed. Repeat four times. Such treatment is especially recommended to combat the problem in children and adolescents.

4. A handful of flaxseed is heated in a pan. Wrap in a piece of linen in a hot form and apply to the forehead. Repeat up to six sessions per day.

Ointments for sinusitis.

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