Other methods for varicose veins.

Other methods for varicose veins.

Physical Education

Physical education is endowed with good effectiveness in the treatment of pelvic disease in women. Special exercises should be performed daily. The complex does not take much time and does not require special preparation.

Exercise 1: performed while standing. The feet are parallel. You need to perform an ascent to the socks and go down. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise 2: performed while standing. Heels stand together, socks apart. Get on your toes and go down. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise 3: Standing on straight legs, spread your heels and flatten your socks. Rise on toes and fall, doing 30 times.
In addition, it is useful to do exercises such as «birch» and «bike».

Beetroot Kvass

Daily taking beet kvass, you can cure varicose veins of the internal organs. Take a few root vegetables, peel and cut smaller. Fill a three-liter bottle to half, fill to the top with chilled boiled water. Keep in a cool place until the fermentation process begins.

Apple cider vinegar

Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar are mixed with a glass of boiled water and drunk at a time. Repeat twice a day. Helps to get rid of various types of disease, including internal varicose veins.


Proponents of alternative treatment believe that the best remedy for any type of disease (external manifestations) is urine. It is recommended to lubricate the affected areas several times a day. You can also perform compresses and even make foot baths.

Other methods for varicose veins.


If uterine varicose veins are observed, flower pollen (at the tip of a knife) mixed with some fresh honey should be consumed. Treatment is recommended to be performed a month.


The tool is recommended for getting rid of uterine disease forever. The raw materials are dried, after which they are poured with chilled boiled water and allowed to stand for five hours. After the mushroom is taken out and minced using a meat grinder. The resulting liquid is poured into a separate container and refrigerated. Porridge is poured with water and removed for a couple of days in a dark place. After the slurry is filtered and mixed with the liquid that was stored in the refrigerator. They use an agent against dilating the pelvic veins three times after eating a tablespoon.

Pine bark extract

Rinse thoroughly with fresh pine bark. While it flows down, eight glasses of water are poured into the pan and brought to a boil. Put there the same pine bark. Boil until half the volume of liquid has evaporated. Using gauze, filter. The boiled bark is again placed in a pan, four cups of water are added and boiled in the same way. The finished broth is poured to the existing one and the whole volume is poured into the pan. Boil over low heat until 100 ml of liquid remains. Cool, pour into a glass container and close the lid. Apply twice in ten milliliters. Helps fight the disease in women.

Other methods for varicose veins.

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