Prostatitis cure.

Gymnastics from prostatitis.

Prostatitis cure.

Prostatitis is a complex and stubborn disease. Prostatitis cure. However, you can cope with this ailment.
And it is not necessary to resort to expensive and not always effective medical products. I would recommend using special gymnastics when treating prostatitis.

I was helped very well:

Exercises in the supine position:

• Retraction of the anus, followed by relaxation of the muscles.

• Reducing and breeding of straight legs, bent at the knees and hip joints. The same exercises with resistance.

• Raising the pelvis with the support of feet on the floor and simultaneous dilution of the knees.

• Alternate and simultaneous pulling of the legs, bent at the knees, to the chest.

• Tense bending of the spine with support on the heels, fastened straight legs and on the elbows.

• Alternate and simultaneous circular movements with straight legs.

• Breeding and straightening of the straight legs with the subsequent crossing.

Exercises in the position on the side:

• Pulling the bent leg to the chest.

• Circular movements with a straight leg, a leg bent at the knee and hip joints.

• Alternate and simultaneous removal of straight legs in the opposite direction.

Exercises in the supine position:

• Alternate and simultaneous lifting of straight legs.

• Movement with feet, as in swimming.

• Back bending with support on hands and without support.

Exercises in the standing position:

• Turns, body tilts, cornering combinations with inclines, with movements of hands in the direction of rotation.
All the exercises are repeated, starting from 4-5 times, with a gradual increase up to 10-12 times.


Prostatitis cure.

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