Purifying peeling and acne masks

Purifying peeling and acne masks

Purifying peeling and acne masks. One of the most effective homemade masks that can deeply cleanse the skin, polish it, make it smoother and remove dead cells is aspirin peeling. For cooking, you need only 3 ingredients:

• aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) — 1 tablet
• warm water — 0.5 tsp.
• honey — 1 tsp. (less possible)

1. Put an aspirin tablet in a small container (it polishes and evens skin tone well). Pour some warm water on top of it, the tablet will begin to dissolve. Stir and add honey. Honey is a good moisturizer + it’s a natural antibiotic that kills some bacteria.
If you are allergic to honey, you can do without it.

2. Stir everything to a mushy consistency and the mask is ready. Fast and easy!

3. Remove all hair from your face. Since this peel is with honey, the hair will become sticky if it gets dirty.

4. This scrub is applied to a wet face, cannot be applied to the area around the eyes. Use your hands to massage the skin a little, exfoliating and removing dead skin cells (you do not need to massage if you are afraid of damage and sprains). Leave the scrub on for 10 minutes.

5. Thoroughly rinse the mask with warm water, pat your face with a towel. Lubricate your skin with moisturizer and enjoy deep cleansing and smoothness. This procedure can be performed 1-2 times a week. It all depends on your skin condition and age.

6. If there are pimples on your face, then you do not need to massage, just apply the mask and wait for the allotted time. If the skin is damaged, scaly, a slight burning sensation may be felt. This mixture dries pimples well, and they go away faster. Therefore, you can do it for adolescents who have this problem (just do not rub).

Oatmeal & Soda Purifying Mask — Away Acne & Blackheads

This is just a miracle mask, the effect of which is visible after the first use. Firstly, the pores narrow, acne dries up, after several sessions they pass, blackheads are also removed, redness and inflammation disappear.


• oatmeal — 1 tbsp.
• baking soda — 1 tsp.
• lemon juice — 1 tsp. (replace with kefir for dry and sensitive skin)

1. Oatmeal is not used raw, but steamed. To do this, fill them with a small amount of boiling water for 10-15 minutes. The flakes will swell and absorb water.

2. Add soda, lemon juice to the flakes and mix immediately into a smooth paste. Soda and lemon will react, and will begin to sizzle and bubble.

3. Apply the mass to your face with your hands and hold for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and brush with moisturizer.

If you have a lot of pimples on your face, apply this mask 2 times a week and your skin will noticeably improve. Very good for teenagers. The face is transformed, the color becomes even.

Purifying peeling and acne masks

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