Rejuvenate the face.

For facial beauty.

Rejuvenate the face.

Gymnastics for youth and beauty face.

This article will be devoted to gymnastics to restore facial contours and strengthen the muscles of the cheeks. Rejuvenate the face.

Cosmetic gymnastics is always advisable to perform in front of a mirror, but in the initial period of employment, it is necessary. Fulfilling exercise, place the mirror to look at, look right, with your chin should be slightly raised.

Rejuvenate the face. And so we proceed.

Sit in front of a mirror and smile at her reflection. When you smile, the work included many muscles of the face, but the brightest of them — a great zygomatic muscle, which is sometimes even referred to as «conductor smiles.»

Now press your fingers to the corners of the mouth and teeth give a team smile. Most zygomatic muscle strains, works, but significant changes in the face does not occur.
By doing this and the next set of exercises for the restoration of facial contours, always listen to his inner vision and point to the area of the face, where the muscle is trained by you.

Getting to the complex, perform each exercise 2-3 times, and then repeat it mentally, «myself.» Then gradually increase the number of executions, bringing them up to 20 times. Periodically cheered himself in the mirror and congratulate yourself for taking the time to do themselves.

Rejuvenate the face. A set of exercises for the restoration of facial contours.

In addition, these exercises will help get rid of wrinkles and make skin more elastic.
Back of the hand under the chin. Teeth closed. The tip of the tongue with a press force to the upper sky, at a distance of approximately 1-1.5 cm from teeth. In this back of the hand feels the movement of chin-hyoid muscles.

To enhance the effect of this exercise hand resists the movement and pressure on the chin area of the neck. On two accounts — the voltage, then — relaxation. Muscles need to face not only annoying, but also to relax, to clear the capillaries that feed each muscle cell. This helps prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Exercise for toning muscles, lowers the corners of the mouth.

The weakening of the muscles (it is sometimes called muscle sorrow) is one of the main causes of «buldozhechek» that distort the shape of the face.

Press fingers corners of the mouth to the teeth and try to lower the corners of the mouth. The corners of the mouth you have, of course, will not fall, but you feel like shrinking paired muscles that are responsible for lowering the corners of the mouth.
two bills voltage alternating with relaxation on the same account.

Draw a big smile, without opening the lips and the tips of the index place the fingers in the places where there are folds with a smile. Put pressure on these places, still smiling.

Slightly open your mouth, and with the voltage rewound lower lip of the lower jaw. Then start slowly throw back his head, and during this movement pull the lower jaw — in the end you have a head thrown back and lower lip to the top of closeness. You can enhance this exercise by placing at the beginning of its implementation palms on the bottom of the cheeks, and in the implementation of palm exercises move up and back.

Before starting the exercise, you can head slightly lowered, so that the amplitude of movement was greater.

Throws his head back into the account 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, then relax at the expense of 1-2-3-4. This exercise effectively forms an oval face, cheeks tightens, causing a person becomes a bit. Repeat 4-8 times. When you have mastered this exercise, it is expedient to do with the delay in the position with head thrown back — at 10, then 20 and 30 accounts. Then the exercise will be more effective.

Sit down and somknite teeth. Hand laid on one another, propped up fists chin and elbows rest on the desk. Try to open your mouth, dropping the lower jaw — you will feel the tension in the chin area of the neck. Voltage alternating with relaxation. Repeat up to 20 times.

Rejuvenate the face. Which mirror to choose?

Modern psychologists advise to choose the mirror, on the basis of warehouse character. So anxious and romantic natures they recommend mirrors with elaborate frames, gentle women best use oval mirrors, and determined women will approach the mirror with square frames.


Rejuvenate the face.

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