Remove cellulite.

Remove cellulite.

Remove cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite. Our grandmothers knew about it.

Folk beauty recipes helped to cheaply remove cellulite. So to give the skin beauty.

Anti-cellulite scrubs from coffee grounds with the addition of essential oils make the skin elastic. Improve microcirculation.

It is necessary to apply with the massage movements a scrub on problem sites of skin as required.

Add olive oil to your favorite nourishing body cream. You can any other essential oil.
The mixture is applied to problem areas of the skin daily. After 1 week of use, the result will be noticeable. Reduced skin roughness.

Scrub with sea salt and olive oil in just 1 month of use can improve skin condition. And even remove the excess fluid.

With regular daily use, the skin becomes smoother and more resilient.

In addition to homemade beauty recipes used and household methods of getting rid of cellulite.

Wraps Visiting the bath or sauna, not everyone can afford.

Instead, you can lubricate problem areas with honey, blue clay or paraffin. Wrap cling film.

For the best effect wrapped over a film with a towel. This creates the effect of the sauna. Excess fat and fluid are expelled through open pores.

After this procedure, anti-cellulite cream will be more effective.

Anti-cellulite warming massage.

It is necessary to conduct such a massage as often as possible on the problem areas of the hips, abdomen, hands.

Thanks to the tickling movements of the massage, the microcirculation of the skin is improved.

Vacuum therapy.

Putting cans on the problem area. Also contributes to the removal of fluid through the pores. Therefore, improves microcirculation.


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