Sore throat treatment.

HONEY Gorchichnik.

Sore throat treatment.

Outside, winter — snow, frost. Snow beauty and ahead of a fun time of the year. But at the winter to visit us often zahazhivayut cold. So, not to wallow in the New Year, Christmas or Baptism in bed, tearing deafening own throat cough, read about my method.

Sore throat treatment. The more that we are not talking about some kind of chemistry. Everything is just a natural and useful for any organism.

Sore throat treatment.

So, to quickly get rid of the cough, I use this method: cook sweet yellow card, but rather a honey cake.

Recipe quite complicated — mix equal parts honey, vegetable oil and flour. All mix — the dough will. Because it is necessary to form a cake.

This cake should be put on the gauze. Apply on the breast area. Cover with a piece of polyethylene and a layer of cotton wool. All this is to consolidate as a compress. I do it as soon as the cough begins. Usually I do before going to bed two hours. Typically, the cough passes, not having time to really begin.
Be healthy!

Sore throat treatment.

Conifer medicine. Sore throat treatment.

I have several times in the year were strong sore throat, inflamed tonsils, and in the clinic I just wrote out a tablet, but all to no avail. Whenever a sore throat, lymph node becomes hard as stone. I’m warming up and went, and saw drugs, including the popular, but the swollen lymph node and nothing helped.

But somehow I heard that the pine needles cleans the blood and removes from her radionuclides. Well, the dial needles is not difficult, in a forest full of trees.

I gained the tender twigs and prepared infusion:
in 700 g of boiling water, I threw a handful of chopped branches, boiled for 10 minutes and insist night in a warm place. On the morning of the infusion is filtered and all drank per day.

I saw fir infusion I about a month, then interrupted for two weeks and then began to drink the infusion. To my delight, lymph node becomes softer and decreased in size. However, the tumor completely is still not subsided.

And then I decided to try a more complicated recipe: 3-4 tablespoons. chopped pine needles, 2 tbsp. spoon dry hips and 2 tbsp. spoon onion peel cooked for 10 minutes in 1 liter of boiling water, insist night in a warm and drank all day. I began to drink this infusion, and the tumor began to decrease, and as there was gone, I saw another month broth to consolidate the results.


Sore throat treatment.

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