Treatment for otitis media.

We treat a baby’s ear.

Treatment for otitis media.

A stiff child’s ear — can there be anything worse. And in itself a disease is a continuous experience, but as you think about the consequences, it becomes quite scary. In no case can it be run.

Any mother knows that.
When my son got a cold ear, I immediately started treatment. Fortunately, that from my grandmother’s own recipe I know how to cope with this ailment. Treatment for otitis media.

The main thing is to do everything in time. When the ear «shoots», it hurts badly, «makes noise,» but nothing flows from it, so nothing is lost.

For treatment, you need to cut the head of onions in half, but not along, but across. Both slices are put upwards in a slit, each one on its own cup.
In a few minutes they will have juice.

In the case when the pain of the child, you need to dial into the pipette 1-2 drops of juice and drip. Then, as much as possible, tie the baby’s ear and put the baby on its side. You can put something warm on the sick ear.

The child should lie in this position for 15-20 minutes. The pain will pass quickly, and the child calms down and ceases to cry.

And if the adult has caught a cold ear and nothing else flows from it, drip half a drop of onion juice and wrap the warm ear.

After 20-30 minutes, the pain will disappear. The difference with childhood treatment is only in the amount of medicine.

How much I live in the world, I did not see a more effective remedy for a chilled ear. Themselves always when necessary so we are treated, and never this prescription has failed.

In general, it is better to protect your ears — because if they hurt, you will suffer with them more than with a toothache.


Treatment for otitis media.

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