Erosion of the stomach.

Erosion of the stomach: herbalist advise.

Erosion of the stomach.

To begin with, that the food consumed soft, do not irritate the stomach; It should not eat sour, so as any acid irritates the mucous membranes.

Need enveloping and astringents.

These properties are St. John’s wort, so you drink the infusion of St. John’s wort is useful for about 30 minutes before a meal (a tablespoon of herb St. John’s wort to make a glass of boiled water, to cool, strain, take a third cup 3 times a day).

In principle, of St. John’s wort tea you can drink without any special rules.
St. John’s wort with gastric erosion — the best grass.

Healing oil.

Good action has uliginose with gastric erosion combined with cyanosis blue.
If you have these herbs, then cook them from healing oil.

Take cottonweed and cyanosis equally, then 90-100 grams of this mixture pour 1 liter of olive oil and cook in a water bath for 2 hours, then cool and strain.

The resulting oil is used for salads. Also, this oil can be poured black bread and a little salt — a very useful
get food, medicine.

If you do not cottonweed and cyanosis, you can prepare a sealer oil — the good St. John’s wort grows everywhere, and sold in a pharmacy.

Preparing a 10% oil sealer also in olive oil (100 g per 1 liter of St. John’s wort oil), cook it 2 hours on a water bath and filtered. Use also in salads and on bread.


Erosion of the stomach.


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