Syrups for arthrosis.

Syrups for arthrosis.

Reception of syrups based on natural ingredients allows you to bring recovery closer.

1. In case of a disease of the jaw joint, the following composition is prepared: a paste of 500 g of celery and the same amount of lemons is added to 500 ml of fresh honey. Five days later, the folk remedy is ready for use. A single dose is fifty grams. Repeat twice a day until the discomfort is resolved.

2. Squeeze the juice out of ten lemons. Six eggs are watered and put in a dark place for a week. Softened eggs are crushed in a mortar, mixed with 150 ml of brandy and 300 ml of honey. Use syrup for a dessert spoon twice a day on a full stomach.

3. For jaw type pathology, a mixture of 500 ml of crushed cranberry berries and 200 g of crushed garlic is added to a liter of fresh honey. Eat every time before eating a tablespoon.

4. Pour 1 kg of rye grain with seven liters of pure moisture. Bring to a boil and filter. 800 ml of natural honey, several tablespoons of crushed barberry root and 200 ml of medical alcohol are added to the liquid. Three weeks later, they start taking the syrup — a glass twice a day on an empty stomach. Treatment continues until the end of the remedy.

Other folk methods

Alternative methods of treating arthrosis of any localization include the use of familiar improvised means and plant materials. Most recipes are aimed at suppressing pain, relieving the inflammatory response and improving recovery.


Vodka helps get rid of aching joints. Five large spoons with dissolved sea salt (pinch) should be consumed 2 hours before bedtime, distributed over several doses. Each drink tea with honey.
The method is dangerous for people with a weak heart and may be harmful to those with alcohol problems.


The method is shown for pathology of the acromioclavicular type. It is based on the impact of an external nature on specific points that have a relationship with certain authorities. Just a few procedures performed by an experienced specialist in this profile can normalize metabolic processes and increase muscle tone.


If the disease touches the knee or shoulder, it is useful to eat twenty grams of chopped ginger root every day for two weeks.
Reception of ginger, especially in fresh form, is categorically contraindicated for any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Otherwise, as well as subject to an overdose, the development of diarrhea, heartburn and nausea is likely.

Nasal drops

For facial or jaw type pathologies, such home-made drops are prepared: freshly squeezed celandine juice in a one-to-one ratio is combined with melted honey. They drip two drops into each nostril, doing the manipulation every evening for a week.


Many people claim that the treatment of arthrosis with a magnet is one of the most effective. Any magnet, even a tiny one, will do. They should massage the affected areas, barely touching the skin, for ten minutes a day. Magnetotherapy is suitable for diseases of any localization.

Oil vodka

Combine 30 ml of vodka and vegetable unrefined oil. Pour into a glass vessel and tightly close the lid. Shake vigorously for five minutes, after which they open the vessel and drink the folk remedy in one gulp. The manipulations are repeated three times on an empty stomach. The course is a month.
The amount of alcohol and fat given is detrimental to the liver, stomach, and pancreas.


Honey massage helps to cope with the manifestations of arthrosis in the 2nd and subsequent stages. Honey is heated in a water bath for ten minutes. After they allow to cool to a comfortable body temperature and use to massage the affected area. The procedure is continued for no more than fifteen minutes. After the place of exposure is covered with a warm scarf. After fifteen minutes, the skin is washed with warm water.

Syrups for arthrosis.

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