Tea for colds.

Tea for colds.

Sage tea for colds and digestive problems.
The medicinal properties of sage were noticed by the inhabitants of Ancient Greece, the ancient Roman scientists Galen and Pliny the Elder wrote about it. An aqueous infusion of sage leaves is known as Greek tea.

Leaves of this plant are used as medicinal raw materials. They have an antiseptic effect, relieve inflammation. Infusions from the leaves help to increase the secretory function of the body, since they contain bitterness and essential oils.

Sage also affects the increase in the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract, has a mild spasmolytic effect. Another property is the inhibition of perspiration.

Sage is known as a remedy for colds: relieves headaches, eliminates a runny nose. Sage is often used in combination with milk for coughs accompanying bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

A simple, but useful for the whole body remedy prepared on the basis of sage is tea.


Dried leaves — 30 g
Hot water — 500 ml


Fill plant materials with water.
We insist 10 minutes.
Divided into small portions, consume sage tea half an hour before meals.


Removing inflammation and getting rid of discomfort in the throat.
Removal of nervous overexcitation.
Eliminate bloating and cramps.
Improving digestion.
Restoring strength and improving memory, stimulating mental activity.
Normalization of the female reproductive system and ovaries.

Tea for colds.


Rose hips are a proven efficacy product that has a beneficial effect on the entire body. The plant contains more ascorbic acid than the known berries and fruits; the same indicators for the content of carotene. Due to the large amount of vitamins and trace elements, rosehip decoction is recommended for the prevention of acute respiratory infections during the epidemic season.

Rosehip decoction is often prescribed for abnormalities in the work of the liver, kidneys, to regulate the work of the digestive tract. Rosehip drink is also known as a weight loss aid.
It is important that pregnant women can use rose hips. The plant helps to compensate for the lack of vitamins, normalize kidney function, and improve immunity.


• Rosehip — 100 g
• Water — 1 l


• Pour the fruit into a saucepan.
• To fill with water.
• Let it boil.
• Insist under the lid.

You can just pour the fruits (pre-chopped) in a thermos and insist.


• Anti-inflammatory action.
• Antibacterial action.
• Saturation with vitamins.
• Prevention of ARVI.
• Improving kidney function.
• Regulation of metabolism.

Tea for colds.

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